Russia/Prussia is an uncommon pairing involving the characters Russia and Prussia. It is also known as RusPrus, RuPrus that deprived from the first syllables both of their names. The other pairing name is Snow Bunny, coming from Prussia's comparation to an albino bunny and Russia's harsh winter that brings a godly amount of snow.



Russia and Prussia has a love-hate relationship and couldn't be determine on which level. They are roughly acquaintances and are not friendly with each other.

Russia's Childhood

During Russia's childhood days, he was often threatened by many small countries and major powers that wanted to conquer him. Among the majority of them, the Teutonic Knights situated in Prussia was included.

Prussia was also in his childhood years when he attacked Russia, Russia was shown to be frightened when they met at the battlefront. However, Russia found suspected courage to pin Prussia down by the neck onto the frozen pond and saying about how the "Teutonic Knights, you really do get ahead this time, right?" Prussia was forced to retreat and he was very negative about this.

After that, it was the end of the day and Russia wrote about the Teutonic Knights' attempt to conquer him while Prussia wrote about his glorious attempt to nearly drive Russia into losing.

The Cold War

Fan Speculations

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