Prussia/Poland is a rare pairing involving the characters Prussia and Poland. It is also known as PruPol.

Canonical RelationsEdit

When Prussia was banished from Hungary, he found a new home at Poland's house. Their relations became worse and the two started to argue with each other. At the Battle of Tannenberg, Poland, together with Lithuania, succeeded in beating Prussia, but due to the economic problems caused by the preparations for this war, wasn't able to fully exploit the victory. Much later, Prussia, now an independent kingdom, played a major role in the partitions of Poland (Russia and Austria were the other major instigators of the partitions). Today, they still seem to dislike and annoy each other, a reference to the fact that some territory that was historically Prussian is now part of Poland.

Fan SpeculationsEdit

Based on their extensive history and shared borders, some fans have developed this pairing. They believe that, at the beginning, Poland could have played the role of Prussia's "stepmother" and taken care of him, in a similar manner to England and America or China and Japan (and with a similar result to both of those relationships). After several wars between them, leading to the Prussian Homage of 1525, they became friends again. The good relations lasted until the new Kingdom of Prussia's ambitions started to threaten Poland in the 1700s. Prussia was the country that first proposed the idea of partitioning Poland and proposed it to Russia; this is translated into fans believing that Prussia wanted revenge for the years of being under Poland's rule. Some fans use the theory that Prussia was East Germany to state that, during the Warsaw Pact era, Prussia and Poland papered over their differences and bonded over their shared hatred of Russia and their mutual desire to become independent again.

There is no canonical evidence that Prussia and Poland feel any positive feelings towards each other. At the beginning of their relations, they seem to be cooperative rather than friendly, and later they are shown only as opponents. It's also doubtful if Poland could play the role of Prussia's "stepmother", because it seems that they are in the same age bracket. There's also a subject of dispute if Prussia could be in friendly relations with Poland post-partitions, due to his great adoration of Frederick the Great (Old Fritz), who was one of the main instigators of the partitions and a cause of Poland's fall at the end of the 18th Century. Some fans point out that it's difficult to find really positive moments (except the Prussian Homage) in historical relations between these countries, and that the character of Prussia reflects the most negative (and no positive) Polish stereotypes about Germans.


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