Prussia/Lithuania is a rare pairing involving the characters Prussia and Lithuania. The pairing is known as PruLiet, depriving from the first three letters of Prussia and the nickname for Lithuania.


Lithuania is confirmed to truly hate Prussia, as seen in a comic strip where Prussia askes him a question and Lithuania answers him in a cold tone without making eye contact.

While Prussia only shows to be restless and only dislikes the latter, Lithuania doesn't seem to care if he mistreats Prussia, which is an unusual occurrence as he dislikes Russia and chooses instead not to be obvious about it by covering up with nervousity.

Battle Of GrunwaldEdit

The unsolved tension may be an aftereffect of the Battle Of Grunwald  seen in Episode 95 where Prussia was defeated by Lithuania as he let his guard down to nearly defeat Poland. Alas, the tables were turned and Lithuania and Poland triumphed over the ever-growing conquest of the Teutonic Knights. 

Prussia nearly had Poland to surrender as he threatened a sword above Poland's head, thinking that Lithuania had run away from the battelfield and left Poland all alone at his mercy. The other sat grimly on the field and Prussia stated with a grin for him to get along with his buddy with that stupid face in the other side too and swayed his sword up in the air, ready to slay him.

He was shocked when Lithuania suddenly appeared behind him with a knife at his neck. Prussia exclaimed that he was sure Lithuania had run away. Forced to surrender, his sword fell onto the floor, ending the battle and glory of the Teutonic Knights.

Modern LifeEdit

The unresolve
Prussia and lithuania

Lithuania glaring at Prussia helping him carry the papers.

d tension after the Battle Of Grunwald seems to still not be repaired for both Prussia and Lithuania. However, Prussia appears to try and work his relationship with Lithuania more, seen once when he helps the other to carry papers. Lithuania doesn't have the warm fondness for this like usual and instead, glares coldly at Prussia as the latter fidgets with uneasiness. Latvia watches quietly at both of them in the background, sensing the icy aura Lithuania is giving.

Fan SpeculationsEdit

Prussia and Lithuania is one of the most underrated rivalry pair in the fandom. In fanworks, they are often decipted as a love-hate relationship. A fan once asked if Lithuania and Prussia have a bad relationship and Himaruya answered that after the battle for conversion, Lithuania still didn't convert much to his stubborness but was forced to when he lived with Poland. This leaded him to his current degree of disliking towards Prussia.

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