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Picardy (ピカルディー, Pikarudī) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. He first appeared as the main character in the unfinished mini-game "April Fools Aftermath", and has since appeared briefly in the actual manga. It is unclear whether or not he is truly intended to represent the region of France, as he tells France that it isn't his name, which is first shown to be Shujinko (主人公, Shujinkō), a generic placeholder name meaning "hero."


Picardy has short brown hair and is normally depicted wearing fake cat ears similar to the ones sometimes worn by France. His height his unknown, though he appears shorter than France in a sketch, and is shown to wear a plain white button down shirt. He bears a strong resemblance to the lead character Seiji Chiga in Himaruya's later series Chibisan Date. His bangs are noticeably longer when he later appears in one of the April Fools 2011 strips.

Personality and Interests[]

Picardy is described as a young man who is honest and hardworking, though he has an average income and stamina. He is shown to be devoted, as he comes to France's house in the middle of the night after he becomes injured. Despite this, he doesn't appear very patient, and becomes annoyed when France tries to move on his own to tell him a story instead of resting. When on assignment from France, he is shown to not be above deceit, as he is shown in a sketch lying to Hungary about his true identity and intentions.



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Picardy came to France's aid after receiving a call in the middle of the night, though he is shown to be visibly annoyed by it. When France begins to try and make the situation poetic, Picardy chastises him, and openly tells him to be quiet and rest. However, when France snaps at him, he meekly backs down. France assigns him to take over his April Fools Day duties,which he doesn't like.

and gives him his trademark cat ears. In a sketch posted on Bamboo Thicket, Picardy is shown posing enthusiastically next to France.



Picardy appeared in some concept panels for the Aftermath game, where Hungary is asking him what he is doing and a number of possible lies to tell her are shown. Picardy makes his official debut during the April Fools 2011 event, where it is revealed that he had assisted France in getting embarrassing photos of the other nations.


Picardy appears as the player character in the incomplete demo of April Fools Aftermath. He arrives to take care of France, whom he argues with regarding the latter's hobbies during the holiday. France later assigns Picardy the task of creating mischief in his place, and gives him a pair of cat ears to wear. The demo ends as Picardy reluctantly sets off on his mission under the light of the full moon.