The title screen for Kusogame.

Kusogame (??, ??) is a mini-game created by Hidekaz Himaruya that was released as a free download on Bamboo Thicket on August 31, 2010 and based off of his Axis Powers Hetalia series. The titles Kusogame literally means "crap game". The player plays as Prussia and is given the option to go to other countries houses and either clean or play with other characters' items.


The game opens with Prussia lounging around the house, complaining that he is bored. He reminisces about how "when Old Fritz was around he would always praise how I could do anything well," but now whenever he tries to do something on his own it never goes well. At one point Prussia had tried to make a manga but sneezed and got fed up with it, and now only reads them.

Prussia then remembers that he used to be a genius at cleaning, and decides to tidy someone's house in order to be "showered in gratitude."

Germany Scenario

Prussia catches Germany as he is about to go off somewhere. He offers to clean the house while he is gone, but Germany informs him that he's already done the cleaning. Prussia isn't surprised, and asks Germany if there is anything else he can help with. Germany tells him not to bother as he can get everything done by himself. Prussia continues to press the issue, but Germany insists that everything is in order and to not get involved in any strange business while he is out. After he leaves, Prussia decides to do some dusting in the library anyway. When he goes in to clean, he finds Germany's diary open on the desk. Prussia chastises his brother's poor judgment in leaving it out and begins to read it.

The Diary contains Germany's thoughts on the rough times that the EU is currently in. He states how he is worried about Italy on all fronts, and says that France cooperates well and works well under the circumstances. He goes on to express how sometimes he wishes he weren't under so many expectations and pressure, since he is being depended on he has to take the initiative and do his best.

Choice 1: Stop there

If the player chooses to stop reading, Prussia puts the diary back and Germany comes back. Prussia informs him that he finished cleaning the library and Germany tells him he really shouldn't have bothered, as he could have taken care of it himself. He goes on to say that ever since the unification he has done everything by himself and it is no problem. Prussia tells him not to overextend himself, and tells him that all of the German brothers have a history of overreaching themselves. Germany tells him that he gets it, and Prussia reminds him that all of his older brothers (nii-chans) are with him. However, Prussia states that he is the first nii-chan and he won't give up that one.

This ending is labeled a "Happy End."

Choice 2: Read more

If the player chooses to continue reading the diary, It goes on to talk about how the maids at Japan's house are different from the ones at his own. Germany goes on to tell a story about how America and France wanted to have a look and he was dragged along. Germany was very confused by the entire ordeal, and found it a bit much so he didn't stay long. He admits however that "the outfits had this peculiar sense to them that wasn't bad."

At this point, Germany arrives home, and Prussia, laughing over the diary entry, mockingly greets him as if he were a seductive maid. Germany becomes enraged, and finds out that Prussia read his diary. As a result, Prussia eats dinner alone that night.

This ending is labeled a "Bad End."

Italy Scenario

Austria Scenario

Japan Scenario

Sweden Scenario




  • Five of Germany's brothers besides Prussia (Saxony, Bavaria, Bradenburg, Hesse and Holstein) are discussed in the game, two confirmed to still be alive. It's also mentioned that Germany's stubbornness is a trait that he shares with Prussia, Saxony, and Hesse.
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