While there are lots of canon characters in the series, fans have speculated to make Original Characters for their own purpose of entertainment. The Original Characters usually involved Slavic, ASEAN and Africa countries.

ASEAN[edit | edit source]

ASEAN countries who are still not revealed are Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.

Thailand and Vietnam are excluded.

Malaysia[edit | edit source]

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Fans usually portray Malaysia as a female, sometimes as a pair of twins or a male. Even so, most fan-based projects have Malaysia as siblings with Indonesia and Philippines due to the MaPhilIndo formation. Her personality is the same as stated in the scrapped sketch of her by Himaruya; seriously laid-back, strong-willed, simple, gentle, and kind personality.

Female appearance: She appears to have long brown hair and sometimes a headscarf to cover her head. Brown skin that reflects her roots during the Malay World Era. She has thick eyebrows, an inheritance from her being a former British colony.

Male appearance: He also has brown hair but shorter and the side bangs just above his ears. Sometimes, he is seen with a songkok to symbolise the main religion of the country, Islam. He may look similar or have the same traits with the Original Male Character of Indonesia, which is because his cultures are sometimes mistaken as Indonesia's.

Regarding to gender, it's more comfortable to address Malaysia as a female since she was once united with Singapore, meaning that it'll lead to either marriage or living together for a period of time. She gets along well with the other ASEAN countries, Oceania partners, Asian countries and America.

Indonesia[edit | edit source]

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Philippines[edit | edit source]

Brunei[edit | edit source]

Singapore[edit | edit source]

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Myanmar[edit | edit source]

Cambodia[edit | edit source]

Laos[edit | edit source]

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