Norway/Iceland is a common pairing involving the characters Norway and Iceland. It is known as Kujiragumi (鯨組), Whale Pair, in the Japanese fandom, while it is known in the Western fandom as NorIceWhale Bros is a common pairing name.


Norway and Iceland go a long way back and care a lot for each other, given how Iceland was discovered and colonized by Norwegians during the Viking Ages and was an overseas colony from there. Himaruya's fist picture of Iceland a few years ago included some profile information that even said Iceland felt "that Norway is the home where his heart truly is." The historical outfit sketches Himaruya released for what might be the time of the Kalmar Union reveal that Iceland was still a young child while the other Nordics were fully grown.

Modern Life

In the strip "Nordic Lines," Iceland shows the other Nordics the result of the DNA test (in actuality an excavation) that he had done of his body, and it was revealed that he and Norway are, indeed, brothers. Iceland seems upset by the results and says he'd hoped he and his people were descended from a unique "Legendary Hidden People" indigenous to Iceland, but the test proved the earliest traces of life came from the Norwegians. When the other Nordics find out about this, Norway cites a promise he and Iceland had made that Iceland would now call him "onii-chan" while Iceland shudders. Iceland protests on its immaturity and doubts the others would enjoy being called that, but the other Nordics all comment that they actually would like to be called onii-chan by someone for this reason or that. Norway pushes relentlessly for Iceland to say it and Denmark, Finland, and Sweden start to tease and urge Iceland too, though he is embarrassed by this and says that he has outgrown such behavior. He ultimately walks out, but just outside the doorway he gives them a thumbs down and finally says "onii-chan."

During the Hetalia Fantasia 2 Drama CD, Norway and Denmark have been separated from and are searching together for Iceland. When they find him Iceland says he'd worried the two had ditched him, but Denmark and Norway jump right into expressing their relief at finding him. Norway asks if he's hurt and immediately uses a healing item while the latter protests that he's not a child anymore, to which Norway fondly protests back that he still is. Denmark starts to say something about how Iceland is their little bro, but gets cut off by a smack from Norway. Norway coldly tells him to hurry up and find Sweden and Finland, while Iceland finally chuckles in relief.

In the first chapter of the 6th volume of Hetalia shows Norway giving Iceland a bottle of Yoggi as the celebration of the day between their birthdays. 


Webcomic: Extra Stories

  • Wordy Nordic Comic
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