Norway/England is an uncommon pairing involving the characters Norway and England. The pairing can be reffered to as IggyNor or NorUKIggy being a nickname for England, and Nor from Norway, but are more commonly referred to as EngNor or NorEng. They are often also known as the Magic Couple or the Fairy Pair due to the magic they practice and the fairies they communicate with.



They have not been seen together often in canon material, but when they are, they have been shown to have quite a good relationship, due mostly to their shared belief in the supernatural.


Viking AgeEdit

The relationship between Norway and England go back to the Viking age, when Norwegian vikings invaded Britain and founded personal settlements, greatly influincing the cultural relationship between the two countries.

World WarsEdit

During World War I, Norway was known as the neutral ally, as it claimed its neutrality, still favouring the British over the Germans.

During World War II, Norway was invaded by Germany, so the Norwegian government and King had to create a government-in-exile in London. The British also helped train Noregian troops and commandos to attack Nazi installations in Norway.

The Trafalgar Square Christmas TreeEdit

Every year, the Norwegian city of Oslo donates a Christmas tree to the people of London, and it is displayed in Trafalgar Square. This tradition has been going on since 1947, and it is to thank England for our support in the Second World War.  The tree is cut in Norway in mid-November, and the cutting is quite a big ceremony that is attended by the British Ambassador to Norway

Other Norwegian cities also donate trees to other parts of Britain; Bergen gives one to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, and one is given to Great Grimsby.

The Anglo-Norse Society in London/OsloEdit

Both London and Oslo have a society set up in order to educate Norwegian and British citizens about each other's country and culture.


Both countries share a border line in Antarctica, between parts of the continent they own.

The Norwegian flag is flown outside London's most prominent building, Buckingham Palace.

There is a stone with an inscription dedicated by Norway in Hyde park. The inscription reads: This stone was erected by the Royal Norwegian Navy and the Norwegian merchant fleet in the year 1978. We thank the British people for their friendship and hospitality during the Second World War. You gave use a safe haven in our common struggle for freedom and peace.

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