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Name: The Republic of Nikoniko
Human Name: N/A
Alternative Spelling(s): N/A
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Birthday: N/A
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: N/A
Height: 165 cm
First Appearance (volume): Volume 6
First Appearance (strip): It's a Treasure Box of Countries~
First Appearance (anime): Season 6 Episode 10
Japanese VA: Yusuke Suda
English VA: Dallas Reid

Nikoniko (ニコニコ共和国, Nikoniko Kyōwakoku) is a minor character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers


Nikoniko is a young man with black hair and dark eyes. He normally wears a tricolored sash from his top-right shoulder to left-hip, on top a black uniform.

After he quit being a nation, he was shown to be working in the Dake Hot Springs.


He was once a micronation located in Dakeonsen, a section of the city of Nihonmatsu in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan; which puzzled Japan quite a bit.

He then quit being a micronation when he became upset about not being able to age and that his overall physical wellbeing depended on the economy. He eventually stepped down from being a nation to live as a normal human, and eventually married and became a father.

In The Anime[]


Nikoniko briefly appears in Episode 10 of Season 6 when Sealand is traveling around gathering other micronations. Sealand travels to his house with Wy, Seborga, and Molossia only to find a note written by Nikoniko saying that he has stopped being a micronation and is now an ordinary Japanese citizen; leading Sealand to burst into tears at this announcement.

A flashback in the corner of the screen appears, featuring Nikoniko surrounded by sparkles, holding an egg, and claiming that "Eggs taste good.". The real Nikoniko is then seen walking behind the micronations, again holding an egg and saying that eggs taste good, and only Wy noticing him walk by.



Nikoniko is shown to have been acquainted with Japan before he became a micronation. He had been told by Japan that becoming a nation would be incredibly hard but Nikoniko still managed to achieve his goal which surprised Japan as such a thing had never been done before.


  • To date, Nikoniko is the only known character that relinquished being a nation and to have a child.
  • Nikoniko became a micronation while still in middle school.
  • Nikoniko stepped down from being a micronation after realizing he could no longer age and that other factors would affect his overall wellbeing.