Netherlands/South Italy is a rare pairing involving the characters, Netherlands and South Italy. The pairing is known as NedMano, coming from the Dutch term of Netherlands (Nederlanden) and the nickname for South Italy, Romano. Another recognized name is Crayon Tulips, which is started because of the pastel crayon colors showing the softness of the pairing combined with the vibrant ones of Netherlands' tulips.

Traiding Days[edit | edit source]

In a short Chrtismas request panel, Netherlands just finished trading with Chibitalia and Small Romano when he saw someone that deserved a beating (presumably Portugal). Chibitalia gripped his shirt and refused him to go fighting while Small Romano said that he didn't understand what's going on but also won't let Netherlands go fighting. The intention was for Netherlands to stay and continue trading with them, investing a gigantic amount of money to the Italian merchants and making them greedy. Netherlands looked gloomly at them, afraid to think about what they'll grow up into at this rate.

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