Netherlands/Portugal is a rare pairing, involving the characters Netherlands and Portugal. It it also known as NedPort, depriving from the first three letters of Nederlanden (another term for the Netherlands), and from the first four letters of Portugal.


In the canon universe, Portugal has shown what could be deduced as a friendly rivalry towards Netherlands, even though sometimes it goes a bit overload and transforms to hatred. This is because of the past when Portugal was an avid coloniser of the Asian ports and the first outside power to ever lead the global Spice Trade.

Apparently, Netherlands wants to take the whole lead in maritime trade and soon challenged him. He eventually won battles to seize Portugal's colonised lands and main trading ports such as Japan and India. Portugal to no avail, was overwhelmingly shocked and before he could even recover, Netherlands had came to fight over his most beloved colonised port, Macau


Netherlands' move to overthrow Portugal.

He soon lose and that's how his golden glory in the Asian trade was shunned by the Netherlands.

Fan SpeculationsEdit

Fans pairing these two often say that the Netherlands and Portugal will be involved in a hate-love relationship, whether if it's platonic or romantic. It's because they have bitter history among them and it'll be unavoidable as both of them belong to the Tomato Gang.



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