Netherlands/England is an uncommon pairing involving the characters Netherlands and England.

England and Netherlands have things in common when it comes to pirates, and have teamed up together in order to deal with Spain. However, England and Netherlands have a love/hate relationship with one another, which sometimes results in their pirates challenging each other in order to see who's stronger in the Anglo-Dutch Wars. After realizing that they were equally matched, they soon made up their quarrels, but Netherlands still thought that England should give him more credit for what happened with the Spanish Armada.

In 1688 England was being ordered by Scotland to make England convert to Catholism, just as his ally France did. Realising the dangers of another rival, Netherlands intervened and saved England, which caused Scotland to call upon France for a two-on-two brawl. Unfortunately, Ireland, who was in the middle of the argument at the time, was caught up in the crossfire, and was even more beaten up than the defeated Scotland and France, in a period in which is called the Glorious Revolution.

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