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Name: Republic of Moldova
Human Name: N/A
Alternative Spelling(s): N/A
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Birthday: N/A
Hair Color: Chesnut Brown
Eye Color: Amber
Height: N/A
First Appearance (volume): N/A
First Appearance (strip): N/A
First Appearance (anime): N/A
Japanese VA: N/A
English VA: N/A

Moldova (モルドバ Morudoba) is a minor character in Hetalia: Axis Powers.


Moldova has dark brown hair in a style featuring two strands pushed out on either side of his head, and amber eyes. He wears a brown, patched jacket, and a small hat similar to his brother Romania's. His hat is dark with a white ribbon tied around it. Another physical trait he shares with his brother happens to be two prominent canine teeth.

Personality and Interests

Moldova is a very friendly nation with a youthful personality, showing an odd streak from time to time by asking for underwear on Halloween once he had enough candy, etc.. He adores his older brother Romania, who in turn is very protective over him and seems intent on improving their relationship and time spent together. Despite this, however, a scare from Russia (whom he refers to as Big Brother on request) has recently left him seeming more independent and mature. This change is seen as unnerving and out-of-character to those who know him properly.



Main Article: Romania

Moldova is Romania's younger brother, who enjoys spending time with him. Romania in turn is very protective. The siblings share the prominent gene of having slightly larger canine teeth than the other nations. In more recent panels, Moldova has started acting more mature around his brother and less reliant, much to the other's shock and concern. They arrived together to the 2013 Hetaween Halloween party.


Main Article: Russia

Moldova is likely very afraid of Russia, considering the idea of calling him "Big Brother" very terrifying and complying only out of intimidation. He has exclaimed in shock upon finding Russia watching him as he reunited his brother Romania. Later on, when faced with the idea of living with his brother again, his reply was about how it was common sense that they were all brothers and friends with Russia with an unnerving expression.

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