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|name = Marukaite Chikyuu (Prussia)
|name = Marukaite Chikyuu (Prussia)
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|image = [[Image:HetaliaEND.png|200px]]
|image = [[Image:HetaliaEND.png|200px]]
|artist = [[Atsushi Kousaka]]
|artist = [[Atsushi Kousaka]]
|lyrics = YUMIKO
|composer = Conisch
|arrangement = Conisch
|composer = [[Conisch]]
|arrangement = Saki
|albums = 1
|albums = 1

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Marukaite Chikyuu (Prussia)
Artist: Atsushi Kousaka
Lyrics: YUMIKO
Composer: Conisch
Arrangement: Saki
No. of albums released on: 1

Marukaite Chikyuu is the ending theme to Hetalia: Axis Powers. The alternate was rewritten to reflect the Prussia's character. This version is sung by Atsushi Kousaka.

Romaji Lyrics

Italy: "Marukaite chikyuu, Marukaite chikyuu, Ma--"


Germany: " --u ore wa Doitsu! Ma--"

"Aa! UESUTO jyan!"

Japan: "-- Hyotto shite chikyuu, Nihon-"

France: "-- ore Furansu! Marukaite chikyu--"

America: "-- me mo suupaa saizu! Ame--"

England: "-- Hyotto shite chikyuu? Ore Igi--"

"Nanka sugee tanoshisou da na! Yoshi, ore mo iccho yatte mikka!"


Marukaite chikyuu

Marukaite chikyuu

Minna tsuite koi

Ore-sama da ze!


Marukaite kotori

Itsu no ma ni kotori

Atama no ie de piyopiyo kawaiin da ze!

Ore kaite chikyuu

Ore! Sama!

Hyotto suru mo shinakute mo

Puroisen da ze

Aa piyuotteru aitsu nadenade suru no

Kimochi ii ze!

Tamannee ze!

("Aaaaaa aaaaa~ kimochi ii!")

Ore atte uchuu

Ore-sama atte ginga

Hateshinai kakkoyosa

Puroisen da ze!


Marukaite hnhnhn

Hatto shite hnhnhn

Funzorikaette hnhnhn

Iketerun da ze!

Aa asoko no bocchan aitsu wa kechi da ze


Damasarenna yo---!!

"Naa naa Furittsu Oyaji

Tatakai bakari no ore dakedo mimamottetekure

Mainichi kakasazu kaiteru nikki

Hondana ni umezukusarete iru omoide

Chiisai koro no ore chou kawaii!"

"Kedo na majide souji wa mendokusee!

Naa naa Mutti

Naa naa Mutti

Königsberger Klopse no

Ano aji ga wasurerarenee ze!"

Remon no kawa to anchobi wo mazeru no ga miso nan da ze

"Kesesesese! Hitori tanoshisugiru ze!

Kyou mo Ore-sama nikki wasurenee uchi ni tsukeyotto!

Tori gatsu piyo nichi utatteru ore ga kakkoyokatta

Yossha! Saikou no nikki da ze!"

Ore-sama eiyoushou

Ore ni ageyou

Tsukamu ze eikou

Tsukamu ze chikyuu

Tomaranee chikyuu

Tomaranee orekyuu

Saikouchou no kakkoyosa da ze!

Puroisen da ze!

Ore-sama da ze!

"Tanoshii! Demo tsukareta! Oyasumu ze~~

Rasuto no ore mo kakkoii ze!"

English Lyrics

Italy: "Draw a circle it's the earth, draw a circle it's the earth, Draw--"


Germany: " -- I am Germany! Dr--"

"Ah! It's West!"

Japan: "-- Could it be the earth? I'm Japa--"

France: "-- I am France! Draw a circle it's the earth--"

America: "-- eams are all supersized! Ame--"

England: "-- Could it be the earth? I'm Engla--"

"This kinda looks like fun! Okay, I'll try it too and see!"


Draw a circle, it's the earth

Draw a circle, it's the earth

Everybody follow with me,

It's the awesome me!


Draw a circle, little bird

When did it get there, little bird

Chirping on my head,

It's cute!

I draw the earth

The awesome! Me!

Whether you're sure or not,

I'm Prussia

Aah, that little guy who's chirping,

I'm going to pet it

Feels so good!

I just can't stand it!

("Aaahh ahhh~ Feels so good!")

The universe's here because I'm here

The galaxy's here because I'm here

Endless awesomeness,

I'm Prussia!


Draw a circle, hnhnhn

All of a sudden, hnhnhn

Proudly, hnhnhn

I'm a hunk!

Aah, that young master over there,

That guy is super stingy

Don't be fooled--

Don't be fooled---!!

"Hey hey old man Fritz,

Even though I'm always fighting, please watch over me

The diaries that I write everyday without fail

The memories that are all buried in the bookshelves

I was so cute when I was little!"

"But seriously, cleaning up is so much trouble!

Hey hey Mutti,

Hey hey Mutti,

Königsberger Klopse,

I just can't forget the taste of it!"

Mixing together lemon rind and anchovies, that's the secret!

"Kesesesese! Being alone is so much fun!

Let me put today into the diary of the awesome me before I forget!

"Bird Month *Piyo* Day", I was so cool when I was singing

Okay! It's the best diary entry!"

Let me give myself

The awesome me honor award

Seize glory

Seize the earth

Nonstop, it's the earth

Nonstop, it's me-arth

It's the highest climatic awesomeness!

It's Prussia!

It's the awesome me!

"So much fun! But I'm tired! I'm going to rest now~ 

To the last, I'm so cool!"


This song was released on a special CD that came with the eighth DVD of the anime.

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