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Marukaite Chikyuu (Liechtenstein)
まるかいて地球 リヒテンシュタイン版
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Artist: Rie Kugimiya
Lyrics: YUMIKO
Composer: Conisch
Arrangement: Saki
No. of albums released on: 2

Marukaite Chikyuu (まるかいて地球 リヒテンシュタイン版 Maru kaite Chikyū Rihitenshutain-ban, lit. "Draw a circle (it's the) Earth - Liechtenstein Edition") is the ending theme for the anime series Hetalia: Axis Powers. This alternate version of the song was rewritten to reflect the life and culture in Liechtenstein. It is sung by Rie Kugimiya in the voice of Liechtenstein.


あらあら Vati ご機嫌麗しゅう
ねぇねぇ Mutti ねぇねぇ Mutti
昔に食べた Käsefondue(ケーゼフォンデュ)の



ああ 一筆で
見える 素晴らしい世界
お兄さまとの 往来は

『入国スタンプの代わりに 王冠の入ったスタンプをさしあげます』



つくる 幸せのレシピ
お兄さまが 選ぶものなら

心強いのですが 絵が可愛らしくて…』

ねぇねぇ Bruder どきどきいたします
ねぇねぇ Bruder ねぇねぇ Bruder




わたしからの ささやかなお礼です

Araara Vati gokigen uruwashuu
Nee nee Mutti nee nee Mutti
Mukashi ni tabeta KEEZEFONDU no
Ano aji ga wasurerarenai no desu

Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu
Rihitenshutain desu

Marukaite osoroi
Jitto mite osoroi
Onii-sama to osoroi
Rihitenshutain desu

Aa hitofude de
Mieru subarashii sekai
Onii-sama to no ourai wa
Jiyuu desu

"Nyuukoku sutanpu no kawari ni, oukan no haitta sutanpu wo sashiage masu"

Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu
Rihitenshutain desu

Marukaite saihou ♪
Kossorito saihou ♪
Hizuke kawatte mo saihou ♪
Rihitenshutain desu

Osoroi no zairyou de
Tsukuru shiawase no reshipi
Onii-sama ga erabu mono nara
Nandemo REEKEE

"Itsumo iroiro na koto wo oshiete kudasaru nii-sama
Kokorozuyoi no desu ga ega kawairashikute..."

Nee nee Bruder dokidoki itashimasu
Nee nee Bruder nee nee Bruder
Sono kawairashii egara de
Suteki na kitte wo tsukuritai no desu

Haiteku na koto mo
Omakase kudasai

"Kyoukou de ie mo mawari mo boroboro deshita
Taberumono mo manzoku ni nakatta toki
Tasukete kudasatta no ga
Nii-sama deshita..."

Nii-sama no tame ni
Pajama wo tsukurimashita

Watashi kara no sasayaka na orei desu

Oh my, Vati,[1] good day to you
Hey, hey, Mutti,[2] hey, hey, Mutti
The Käsefondue[3] that I ate a long time ago
I can't forget the taste of it

Draw a circle, that's the earth
Draw a circle, that's the earth
Draw a circle, that's the earth
I am Liechtenstein

Draw a circle, it's matching
Looking closely, it's matching
It's matching big brother
I am Liechtenstein

Ah, with just one stroke of paint,
A wonderful world can be seen
Visiting big brother is something
I can do freely

"Rather than an immigration stamp, I will give you a stamp with a crown."[4]

Draw a circle, that's the earth
Draw a circle, that's the earth
Draw a circle, that's the earth
I am Liechtenstein

Draw a circle, sewing ♪
Secretly, sewing ♪
Even though I change the date, sewing ♪
I am Liechtenstein

With matching ingredients,
I can make a recipe of happiness
If big brother asks it of me,
I can make anything lecker[5]

"Always, big brother, who teaches me many things
He has a strong heart, but his drawings are very cute looking..."

Hey, hey, Bruder,[6] it's exciting
Hey, hey, Bruder, hey, hey Bruder
With that cute looking picture,
I want to make a wonderful stamp

For matters of high technology as well,
Please leave them to me

"Because of the depression, my house and everywhere around me was a mess
At the time that things to eat were running out,
The one who saved me was
Big brother…"

For big brother,
I have made pajamas
From me, this is a small amount
Of thanks

  1. Father
  2. Mother
  3. Cheese fondue
  4. Though Liechtenstein has no immigration stamp or reason to perform inspections herself, she gives out stamps that feature her royal crown to tourists.
  5. Delicious
  6. Brother


This song was released on December 22, 2009, on the DVD which came with the sixth volume, Hetalia: Axis Powers Vol. 6 Limited Edition DVD. Also on the DVD is Switzerland's version of Marukaite Chikyuu. This song is also the thirteenth track on the album Hetalia: Axis Powers: Marukaite Best, which was released on August 10, 2012.


  • After the instrumental break, a small accordion like instrument can be heard playing "O Vreneli", an old folk song from Liechtenstein which is popular among the Japanese people.