Malaysia (マレーシア, Marēshia) is a character that has yet to show up in the manga or anime, but has been mentioned by Himaruya to be a widely requested character- there is also a sketch of them that looks to be female but is assumed to be scrapped. No other information on them is known.

The assumed scrapped sketch. If anyone can translate this more accurately, please do so.


Malaysia has dark brown (possibly black), collar-length hair and brown (possibly black as well) eyes. They appear to be wearing a gray shirt.

Translation of ImageEdit

"Malaysia is possibly the most requested Asian character."

"The person we're meeting has a seriously laid-back, strong-willed, simple, gentle, and kind personality."


Germany's voice actor Hiroki Yasumoto once stated that if he had the chance to take another role, he'll go for Malaysia.

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