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Roma AntiquaRomaniaRomania/Hungary
Romano☆JetRomi ParkRumors and Misconceptions
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Santa Claus Is Coming To TownScott FreemanScott Sager
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Seychelles Here ★ Vacation IslandSho SudoSilver Screen Hetalia: Sound World
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Special Voice CD: Vol. 1 Spain - "Hola! So You Came to the Country of the Sun!"Special Voice CD: Vol. 2 Romano - "Ciao! My House is the Greatest, You Bastard!"Special Voice CD: Vol. 3 Prussia - "Hallo! Toast with the Awesome Me!"
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SwitzerlandTaiwanTaiwan/Hong Kong
Taiwan/VietnamTakahiro FujimotoTakahiro Mizushima
Takuya HiramitsuTel un minuscule printemps...Terminology in Hetalia: Axis Powers
Test/SandboxThailandThe Delicious☆Tomato Song
The Fragrance of Early SummerThe Story of Snow and DreamsTimeline of Hetalia: Axis Powers
Todd HaberkornTogether with Prussia... It's Too Much Fun On My Own - PrizeTurkey
Turkey/GreeceTurkish Republic of Northern CyprusUkraine
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With love, from IcelandWyW・D・C ~World Dancing~
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