A list of the Hetalia characters that play musical instruments, and the instrument(s) they playAbsolutely Invincible British GentlemanAh, Worldwide à la mode
Ah Legendary Class☆The Awesome Me HighwayAi IwamuraAi Orikasa
Aiyaa Four Thousand YearsAki KanadaAkira Sasanuma
Alex OrganAlexis TiptonAllied Forces
Always With You... Nordic Five!AmericaAmerica/Belarus
America/LithuaniaAmerica/MolossiaAmerica/North Italy
Ancient EgyptAncient RomeAncient Rome/Germania
Atsushi KousakaAustraliaAustralia/New Zealand
Axis PowersAxis Powers Hetalia: The CDAxis Powers Hetalia: The Perfect Caramelldansen (fan video)
Axis Powers Hetalia: Unlimited (fan video)Axis Powers Hetalia (manga)Ayumu Asakura
Bamboo Thicket (blog)BelarusBelarus/Liechtenstein
BelgiumBob CarterBob Shirohata
Bon Bon Bon❤️C'est Bon C'est Bon!Brina PalenciaBritish☆Jet
BulgariaBù Zàiyì the Small Stuff ☆C.B.C. (Cowboyz Boot Camp) Vol.1
Canada Complete IntroductionCarrot and StickChe Bello! ~My House is the Greatest!☆~
Cherami LeighChinaChina/Taiwan
Chinese☆JetChris CasonChristopher Bevins
Christopher R. SabatChuck HuberClarine Harp
Clint BickhamColleen ClinkenbeardConisch (musician)
Country From Where The Sun Rises, ZipanguCreatures of HetaliaCuba
Cuba/CanadaCyprusDAX International
Daisuke NamikawaDave TroskoDenmark
Dream JourneyEgyptEinsamkeit
Embrace The Très Bien MeEnglandEngland's Evil Demon Summoning Song
England/JapanEngland/North ItalyEngland/Seychelles
Episode 01Episode 02Episode 03
Episode 04Episode 05: Crying out S.O.S at the Center of the World!Episode 06
Episode 07Episode 08Episode 09
Episode 10Episode 100Episode 101
Episode 102Episode 103Episode 104
Episode 105Episode 106Episode 107
Episode 108Episode 109Episode 11
Episode 110Episode 111Episode 112
Episode 113Episode 114Episode 115
Episode 116Episode 117: Hetalia of the Dead - First PartEpisode 118: Hetalia of the Dead - Second Part
Episode 119Episode 12Episode 120
Episode 121Episode 122Episode 123
Episode 124Episode 125Episode 126
Episode 127Episode 128Episode 129
Episode 13Episode 130Episode 131
Episode 132Episode 133Episode 14
Episode 15Episode 16Episode 17: America's Cleaning Of The Storage, Part 1
Episode 18Episode 19Episode 20: America's Cleaning Of The Storage, Part 2
Episode 21Episode 22Episode 23
Episode 24Episode 25Episode 26
Episode 27Episode 28: :) In The WorldEpisode 29
Episode 30: The Ghost Culture Of England And JapanEpisode 31: Academy Hetalia ChristmasEpisode 32: With Grandpa Rome
Episode 33Episode 34Episode 35
Episode 36: Why Americans Love SpringEpisode 37Episode 38
Episode 39: The Battle For AmericaEpisode 40: The Battle For America, Part 2Episode 41
Episode 42Episode 43Episode 44
Episode 45Episode 46: Medieval England's Clothes And HairEpisode 47
Episode 48Episode 49Episode 50
Episode 51Episode 52Episode 53
Episode 53.5: The Diary of the Awesome Me, part 2Episode 54Episode 55
Episode 56Episode 57Episode 58
Episode 59Episode 60Episode 61
Episode 62Episode 63Episode 64
Episode 65Episode 66Episode 67
Episode 68Episode 69Episode 70
Episode 71Episode 72Episode 73
Episode 74Episode 75Episode 76
Episode 77Episode 78Episode 79
Episode 80Episode 81Episode 82
Episode 83Episode 84Episode 85
Episode 86Episode 87Episode 88
Episode 89Episode 90Episode 91
Episode 92Episode 93: The Revenge of England's Fashion FiascoEpisode 94
Episode 95Episode 96Episode 97
Episode 98: Black Ships Have Come!Episode 99Eric Vale
Eriko NakamuraEstoniaEstonia/Finland
Estonia/LatviaExcuse Me, I Am SorryExtra Episode 01
Extra Episode 02Extra Episode 03Extra Episode 06: Buon San Valentino - First Part
Extra Episode 07: Buon San Valentino - Last PartExtra Episode 08: The Centennial GiftExtra Episode 09: Liechtenstein and the Hedgehog Country
Extra Episode 10: I Was Overwhelmed by HeroinesEyecatchFall in Love, Mademoiselle
French☆JetFrontier WorksGakuen Fiesta
Gakuen HetaliaGakuen Hetalia Portable (PSP)Gakuen Hetalia Portable OP/ED Maxi Single
Gakuen Hetalia UniformGakuen☆FiestaGentosha Comics
GermaniaGermanyGermany's Anthem ~I Am German-Made~
Germany/North ItalyGermany/PrussiaGermany/South Italy
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