Lithuania/Belarus is a somewhat common pairing involving the characters Lithuania and Belarus. It is commonly referred to as LitBel in the Japanese fandom due to based on the historical name for the short union between the two nations (Litbel), and is often referred to as Lietbel.

Early YearsEdit

Episode 37

Lithuania expresses interest in taking Belarus out on a date in Episode 37.

Lithuania has had a crush on Belarus since childhood, yet it was never returned because of her feelings for her brother and hatred for Lithuania himself. It's also been mentioned that she has been breaking his limbs since they were little, but he either thinks little of it or simply does not care, as this doesn't seem to deter him, to the point that he turns to her with the suffix "-chan". When he did manage to go on a date with Belarus that lasted only three minutes, she broke all his fingers.

Fan SpeculationsEdit

Lithuania/Belarus is considered by many to be purely onesided on Lithuania's part, as Belarus seems to express nothing but hatred for him and tries to inflict as much damage to him as possible.

Another fan speculation is that Belarus' hatred for him stems from the fact that Russia considers him a "favorite". Lithuania and Belarus knew each other since they were small children and it's been revealed that she has been hurting Lithuania before he became one of Russia's subordinates.

In many fan works, a recurring idea depicts Lithuania as the person who comforts Belarus after having been rejected by Russia over and over again.


Main StorylineEdit

  • Hetare 4: Pact of Steel

Published MangaEdit

  • Russia´s Big and Little Sister

Webcomic: "Comic Diaries"Edit

  • Comic Diary 11
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