Korea/Hong Kong is an uncommon pairing involving the characters Hong Kong and Korea. Also known as KorHongAsian Brothers (due to both of them belonging to the Asian or East-Asian family) or Fragrant Kimchi (because of Hong Kong's dominant colour being red and Korea's reknowned kimchi).


Korea and Hong Kong have an unusual relationship despite both being Asian, as what Germany once described. They appear to get along well but in some occassions, they'll clash their thoughts and be very persistent at the other.

Modern TimelineEdit

At the morning of the Great Asian Meeting, Hong Kong comes to fetch Korea from his room. He knocks gently at his door as Korea instantly panicks as he's in the midst of defeating an RPG enemy while wearing square glasses and a tracksuit, Korea shouts that he can't let his cool image be deterred in Hong Kong's eyes. Hong Kong fliches a bit from the remark before opening the door and greets him mockingly while Korea screams in anguish.

Fan SpeculationsEdit

Most fans of this pairing like it because of their differences with Korea being a free-spirited type, obsessed with video games, dramas, studying abroad, and the internet, whereas Hong Kong is a bit mysterious, and no one knows what he is really thinking. These traits make the imagination for how they treat each other more interesting as the anticipation is unpredictable.

It is also paired due to their similarities, with both of them being in their teenage years. Korea is portrayed as a trendy teenager while Hong Kong is also one, except that his mixture of Eastern and Western ways are far superior than Korea. They're also widely known and share an interest in modern music, making them to be seen as close.

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