Korea/China is an uncommon pairing, involving the characters Korea and China.

Modern TimesEdit

South Korea has been known to have an obsession with China's "breasts," and in one comic strip, sneakily pulled down China's pants so he could look at China's underpants. He also envisioned China with pigtails.

In another strip, South Korea invented a pair of mind-reading goggles (Japan had made a similar pair, but they did not work) and found that China had no affection towards him at all. He then stated that they were broken and that he didn't invent them after all.

In a trashed Christmas strip, Korea came to China's house wanting a Christmas present, and arbitrarily took some things, with China chasing after him for stealing his things (and Confucius).

In "Korea, the Amazing Living Soot", Korea tries to prove that he is older than China, but is quick to hide his photo book when China spots some pictures of him with drawn-on mustaches. China sighs that this is how Korea sees him, while Korea flails in panic.

Perhaps the only potential indication of China ever actually considering something about South Korea is when South Korea asked China if he liked him. China pictured the scenario as if it was in a visual novel and imagined both endings leading to South Korea wanting to "XXX" him.

As a general rule, they seem to be friendly towards each other in serious matters, but Korea does tend to get on China's nerves when excited; they have a sort of love/hate relationship (most of the hate coming from China).

Fan SpeculationsEdit

Many fans consider this to be a one-sided or love/hate relationship, as Korea seems extremely loving towards China, with China not really responding with as much attention.


Webcomic: Main StorylineEdit

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Published MangaEdit

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