Japan/China is a common pairing involving the characters Japan and China. The common name for this pairing in the Japanese fandom is Kyokutou Kyoudai (極東兄弟), Far East Brothers, or NiChu, which combines the first syllables of their names in Japanese, Nihon and Chuugoku.


The two nations met in the early days, China took Japan in and raised him as a younger brother. When China mentioned about Japan being his brother to Tibet, Japan responded "Yeah, Sure." after a pause, which annoyed China by abit. He then betrayed China by attacking him, leaving a memorable scar. This hinted that Japan regretted what he has done, proving that Japan wanted attention from China, showing how much Japan loves China.

Present Day

China is seen asking Japan to help him with the New Year preparation in the Asian and Western Festivals strip. China's bosslike attitude caused Japan to be annoyed, putting a note on his back saying 奉行 (bugyou), which translates to pursue in English.

Fan Speculations


Despite their difficult past, China has still been shown to care for Japan at times, as in Comic Diary 5, where he dresses up like Shinatty-chan and asks Japan if he thinks it is cute. (Then Japan responds to China calling him pathetic while blushing.)

Webcomic: Main Storyline

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Webcomic: Extra Stories

  • Asian and Western Festivals
  • The Story about the Early Days of China and Japan

Webcomic: Comic Diaries

  • Comic Diary 5
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