Hetalia x Goodnight with Sheep Vol. 1 "Goodnight with a Siesta"
ヘタリア x 羊でおやすみシリーズvol.1 「シエスタでおやすみ」
Sleeping with the Italy brothers.png
Released: August 27, 2010
Language: Japanese
Length: 47:32
Tracks: 7
Label: Honeybee
Catalog Number: HO-125
In Print?: Yes

Hetalia x Goodnight with sheep Vol. 1- Italy is a drama CD that amalgamates Hetalia: Axis Powers and the 'Goodnight with Sheep Series'; some of the characters are having trouble falling asleep and decide to count sheep for the other character/the listener.

This volume revolves around the Italy brothers, who decide to sleep together. Veneziano tells Romano he is unable to sleep and asks him to count sheep for him; then, Romano asks Veneciano to do the same.

Track Listing

  • 1: I can't take my siesta! (シエスタできないよ~) (5:51)
  • 2: I'll count, bastard! (数えてやるよコノヤロー) (9:51)
  • 3: Chigi! I can't sleep! (ちぎー!寝られねぇ!) (2:47)
  • 4: I'll count~ (俺が数えてあげるね~) (9:03)
  • 5: You should just take a siesta~ (シエスタすればいいのに~) (3:52)
  • 6: Veneziano's Goodnight (ヴェネチアーノとおやすみ) (8:46)
  • 7: Romano's Goodnight (ロマーノとおやすみ) (7:22)

Track 1: I Can't Take My Siesta!


Italy: Honeybee CD Collection!

  • Romano: Hetalia x Sleeping by Counting Sheep Seris Volume 1!
  1. Both: "Good Night and Sweet Siestas!"

Italy: Veee~ Ve, Ve, Veee...

  • Romano: Hey, you little punk! I'm talking to you, rotten Veneziano! Quit groaning in the garden, you jerk! You're gonna scare the squirrels into biting your ass with that groaning.
  • Italy: Big bro! What-What should I do!? Help me!
  • Romano: No way! I'm not gonna listen to a single word you say! I'm just going to pretend you don't exist and take my siesta!
  • Italy: My siesta is what I need help in! I'm begging you, brother! Help me here!
  • Romano: Stop it! I'm not helping! Why don't you go whine to that potato-loving bastard, jerk!
  • Italy: Uhhh~, uhhh~! BROTHER!
  • ====Romano: I'll give you three seconds of my time then...One! Two! Three!====
  • ====Italy: Hooray! Nice one, Brothe-====
  • ====Romano: Oh look, time's up! Not listening to you anymore! Arrivederci!====
  • Italy: BIG BROTHER!
Romano: Naaah. Naaah. NAAAAAAAAHHH!
Italy: Ohh, come on Brother! I'm really... really... *sob sob* Brother! BROTHER!

Romano: Shut up already!

Italy: S-Sorry...Don't get angry at me, Brother...

Romano: *exasperated sighs* So, what's the problem?

Italy: The truth is...It's time for my siesta and I CAN'T SLEEP AT ALL!

Romano: Huh!? You're lying, cazzo!

Italy: What should I do, big bro? Help me!

Romano: You probably slept early or something yesterday because there were no girls for you to hit on for once.

Italy: Nope. Everything was normal yesterday.

Romano: Then why can't you sleep?

Italy: I don't know either! That's why I'm worried!

Romano: For now, why don't you just lie down and close your eyes. Don't open your eyes unless I say so. You should fall asleep during that time. Bye now!

Italy: Wait, big bro! Hold on! Stop!

Romano: Woah! What the hell are you doing!?

Italy: That's what I thought at first too and it's always worked before, but it isn't working at all now!

Romano: How about you get a bullet shot from that potato-eater? I bet that'll knock you out!

Italy: If I do that, I'm afraid I'm going to get a one-way ticket straight to where Grandpa Rome is! Uhh~! The siesta's going to end at this rate! If I can't have my siesta, I'm going to die!

Romano: Oh no you won't! Stop messing with me! Fine then! Why don't you just get drunk with that potato-eater today until it's midnight and go around like a drunk bozo, damn it! I'm not like that England ba- Wait. He's definitely not sleeping now. Let's see... Mr. England. I'm not like Mr. England! I can't just use magic to help you so don't rely on me! Got that, my stupid little brother?

Italy: Oh! You can help me without using magic! I just remembered that I heard a good way to fall asleep a while back!

Romano: Oh? A good way?

Italy: Yup! When you can't get to sleep, they say counting sheep helps you fall asleep! When you're busy counting the sheep, they say you'll get tired and fall straight to sleep!

Romano: Wait a minute! Who told you about this counting stuff?

Italy: Well, when I was talking with Japan and Germany a while back, Germany said-

Romano: I won't do anything that potato-loving BASTARD SAYS!!!!

Italy: Brother! I've been in an alliance with that potato guy for a while now, you know! Don't get so angry, brother! Germany's a really nice guy!

Romano: Shut up! There's no way in hell I'll approve any method you heard from that bastard!

Italy: No way... I really can't fall asleep. I'm on my knees, big brother! You have to help me here!

Romano: NO. WAY.

Italy: WAAAH! Big bro! Please! Brother! Vee! Veeeeeveveveveveveeeeveeeeveeee!

Romano: Hey! Let go of me!

Italy: Veeee... Veeeveeeveeeuuuuhhhh...

Romano: LET! GO! OF! ME!

Italy: Veeeeeeeeee! VeeeeeuuuuuuuuhhhhhH!

Romano: Tch! Damn it!

Italy: Veee! Veeeveveveveveveveveveveve...

Romano: Oh fine, I get it! I'll count for you so let go of me!

Italy: Woah, really? You'll really count sheep for me?

Romano: *pant pant* Yes...I will... I'll count them for you...

Italy: Hooray! Thank you so much, big bro!

Romano: Damn it...

Italy: Sheepy sheep~, sheepy sheep~, baa~!

Romano: I've got no choice. I'm going to start now!

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