Hetalia Fantasia 2
ヘタリア ファンタジア2
Released: December 10, 2010
Language: Japanese
Length: 1:01:39
Tracks: 7
Label: Frontier Works, Gentosha Comics
Catalog Number: HETA-BIRZ-0002
In Print?: No

Hetalia Fantasia 2 (ヘタリア ファンタジア2 Hetaria Fantajia 2?) is the second special edition CD for Hetalia: Axis Powers, released as a mail-order gift to those who purchased Hetalia Axis Powers: Volume 3. It takes place in an RPG setting featuring the Axis and Allies, acting as a continuation of the first Hetalia Fantasia CD.

Track Listing[edit | edit source]

No. Title Length
1. "Prologue" (プロローグ) 0:56
2. "Chapter One - The Summoner Caught in a Trap and the Ultimate Gunner" (第一章 わなにはめられた召喚師と最強のガンナー) 4:18
3. "Chapter Two - The Town of Departure and the Lost Level 1" (第二章 旅立ちの街と迷えるレベル1) 5:29
4. "Chapter Three - An Unusual Trio and the Skillful Tradesman" (第三章 珍しい三人と商売上手) 10:42
5. "Chapter Four - We're Lost, Aren't We?" (第四章 コノ迷子ジャナイ) 11:24
6. "Chapter Five - The Cute Monsters Outside the Forest and the Lost Duo" (第五章 森の外の可愛いモンスターと迷子) 8:49


Plot Summary[edit | edit source]


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