Hetalia Fantasia
Released: August 27th, 2009
Language: Japanese
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Tracks: 4
Label: Frontier Works, Media Factory
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In Print?: No

Hetalia Fantasia is the sixth commercial drama CD for Hetalia: Axis Powers, released as a special mail-order gift to subscribers of Comic Birz. It takes place in an RPG setting featuring the Axis and Allies, and marks the speaking debut of Hong Kong.

Track listingEdit

  • 1. Introduction

The Hetalia Fantasia videogame is introduced by a narrator, who tells us that this CD will contain the adventures of some very different characters. Japan also promotes the game.

  • 2. Fantasia Hetalia (ファンタジア=ヘタリア)

Germany scolds Italy for being late, so late in fact, that Germany has had time to power up to level 50. Italy reveals that he invited Spain to join the game, but he got bored during installation. Also, Greece was invited by Japan, but he couldn't play because the internet fees in his country were too high. Italy is an 'adventurer' in this game, Japan is a healing priest, and Germany is a blacksmith. Italy then runs off with two girls, much to the chagrin of Germany and Japan.

  • 3. In the First Town (始まりの町で)

England paces around a market, annoyed by the tardiness of America, who invited him to the game. He learns that he is a summoner from the game's instruction manual, and uses his powers to summon a small monster that emits a high-pitched 'pyo'. America (a gunner in the game) then arrives, and shows England all the alterations he's made to his weapon, so much so that it looks like the game's ultimate weapon. Russia then arrives, and says curiously that he had no clue he'd have to spend 4 hours downloading it, then 1 hour on installation, and another 2 hours for the tutorial. America whines at him to stop talking in a creepy voice, saying it's better than Russia's favorite kind of games where you wake up with amnesia and only a wrench to defend yourself with. Russia goes on to threaten America subtly with a wrench, and also gives the two Allies a present, the still-wriggling leg of a large monster, the game's last boss, scaring America. Their attention is then diverted by a nearby market, China and Hong Kong having set up a large business selling and trading within the universe of this game. Hong Kong is dismissive of England, and China explains why business is so important in an online game. France is then seen stuck up on a roof, and England fires upon him with magic while France screams. When they get him down, they all agree to form a party.

  • 4. Special Talk (スペシャルトーク)

The voice actors all talk and laugh about their experiences making this CD.

Voice CastEdit

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