Hatafutte Parade
Hatafutte Parade
Released: June 23, 2010
Language: Japanese
Length: 9:25
Tracks: 5
Label: Frontier Works, Media Factory
Catalog Number: MFCM-0005
In Print?: Yes

This page is about the album, not to be confused with the song.

Hatafutte Parade (はたふってパレード Hatafutte Parēdo, lit. "Flag-waving Parade") is the ending theme album for Hetalia: World Series. It was released June 23rd, 2010, and contains five tracks, including the titular song.

Track ListingEdit

  • 1: Hatafutte Parade (はたふってパレード) (2:56)
  • 2: England's Evil Demon Summoning Song (悪魔を呼びそうなイギリスの唄) (1:54)
  • 3: The Endless Days of Hetalia <Carefree Edit> (ヘタリアの終わりなき日常 <のんびり編>) (0:39)
  • 4: It's a Happy Day! Chibitalia (今日はごきげん!ちびたりあ) (1:04)
  • 5: Hatafutte Parade (Instrumental Version) (はたふってパレード (インスト)) (2:52)
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