Name: Federal Republic of Germany

(Bundesrepublik Deutschland)

Human Name: Ludwig

(ルートヴィッヒ, Rūtovihhi)

Alternative Spelling(s): N/A
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 3
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Pale blue
Height: 180 cm (5'11")
First Appearance (volume): Volume 1
First Appearance (strip): Prologue: Meeting of the World
First Appearance (anime): Hetalia Axis Powers: Episode 1
Japanese VA: Hiroki Yasumoto
English VA: Patrick Seitz

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Germany is one of the main characters in Hetalia: Axis Powers: Paint it, White and Hetalia: Axis Powers (anime) as a prominent member of the Axis Powers, alongside North Italy and Japan .

In 2007 and 2008, Himaruya gave human names to some of the characters, and Germany was given the name Ludwig, without a last name (but in fanon works his last name is usually Beilschmidt or Weilschmidt, the same as his older brother Prussia's). Himaruya stated that the reason for this would be made apparent in due time.


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Germany is the tallest of the Axis Powers, at 5'11 inches or 180cm. He and his brother bear next to no similar physical attributes, possibly mostly due to the fact that Prussia is albino and more laidback in appearance. Germany has a rather fair complexion, with short, straight, pale blond hair that will almost always be neatly slicked back, unless he’s sleeping. His eyes are piercing and a shade of cornflower blue. His physique is well-maintained (which is to be expected due to his strict training regimen) and shows his strength through the broad shoulders and large muscles. He’s known to resemble the stereotypical Aryan man. Germany’s usual uniform is an SS uniform with tall black boots, occasionally accessorized with an Iron Cross around his neck.


Germany has a very tough, serious and organized sort of personality, which automatically made him the one in charge of training and generally taking care of the other Axis members (mostly Italy) around the WWII era. He is a fan of beer and wursts and generally all things Italian. However, his all-around toughness gives him problems when trying to express himself via body language, causing communication errors. He is also a very by-the-book sort of man, to the point where he’ll follow the instructions given to him in a manual rather than listen to his own instincts. These factors, of course, mean that he is a terrible flirt whenever he tries to express his affection toward a potential love interest (such as North Italy, as covered in the Buon San Valentino strips) or even his friends. Germany is also often heavily hinted at being a fan of kinky pornography and making sweets.

Germany's official design, with Himaruya's notes

Germany demonstrated a very strong, soldier-like personality during the war years and is a great fighter. For instance, when he was captured by the Allied Forces he refused to say a word and invited on their “petty torture”, claiming it would be nothing compared to his daily life (an unfortunately accurate statement). He also organized a very strict training regimen for the Axis and never abandoned Italy whenever he was in trouble, despite Italy’s constantly needing his help becoming rather repetitive and costly.

Not much has been covered about Germany’s past, and a younger design for him hasn’t even been made public yet. All that has been revealed so far is that he was raised by his older brother Prussia, though what seems like the only trait he picked up from his brother seems to be them both being neat-freaks. Several fans speculate that Germany is the former personification of the Holy Roman Empire, but all grown up. This idea can be enforced by their many similarities and the fact that HRE was never confirmed to have "died", only his home being dissolved. It would also explain some details, like his attraction towards North Italy, as HRE and Italy were childhood lovers. The real reason for his past and surname pointedly not being covered is to be made apparent eventually.

Some German stereotypes he protrays include: his physical and mental toughness, his inability to communicate proper body language, his strict personality, his love for beer and wurst, etc.



Germany has described Austria as being something like an older brother to him; however, unlike with Prussia, he does not call Austria "big brother," so they likely aren't quite as close. Austria and Germany were allies in both World Wars and lived together during World War Two, much to Hungary and Italy's dismay, though Austria didn't mind it at all. He approves of and supports a lot of Germany's ideas, and he relies very heavily on him. It's said that, if Germany were to get even a little cold, Austria would catch a high fever and collapse, causing Germany to have little choice than to take good care of himself. His behavior often annoys Germany, especially since Austria blames him for

Austria sitting on Germany on the way to a meeting

things he'd done such as when he'd broken a cup. He also orders him around very often, much to Germany's chagrin; however it's been going on for so long that they and their neighbors all acknowledge it as "the usual" with them. Germany, however, feels that what he does goes beyond ordering. Austria has admitted that his reliance is a "terrifying thing." He has, however, been trying to lessen his dependence, at least economically.

Germany has admitted that Austria's fighting technique is "magnificent." He does seem to worry about how reliant he is, and has tried to teach him to be more self-sufficient, but gave up when Austria stubbornly tried to push himself past his (rather short) limit after exhausting himself with two minutes of sweeping. Austria gave him some advice during the Buon San Valentino strips and, apparently, Germany has had romantic troubles before as Austria was aware of how easily he "losthis head" when it came to romance. Oddly enough, when Germany attempted to, presumably, have sex with Austria in attempt to practice and ensure he knew how for when he intended to do so with Italy, despite his struggling, refusing, and telling Germany off, he apparently removed his pants himself. He then called his behavior "upright" as he said all Austrian citizens were, confusing Germany.


Their relationship has yet to be shown in much detail, but they seem familiar with one another. Hungary affectionately refers to Germany as Germany-chan and, despite being stated to have trouble speaking with older women on any non-work-related topic, he seems to be able to speak with her with less trouble, though whether this is because they were discussing Austria and Prussia (who give Germany a lot of trouble and thus might be seen as "work" in his eyes) or because they're familiar with one another is unknown. When Germany received and began carrying out his orders to take over Austria, she was very upset saying that he should "please consider his feelings," though Austria didn't mind at all in the end.

North Italy

Germany's proposal to Italy in Buon San Valentino pt. 2

Italy and Germany together in an earlier work

Since their pact of steel and declaring the Axis Powers the two have been best friends, at least in Italy's perspective. The two met in World War One, when Germany discovered Italy hiding in a crate, and took him prisoner, but eventually grew tired of his behavior and sent him back home. During the Interwar period, Italy went to Germany's house to work because there was no work at his own home and he needed the money due to the bad state of the economy at the time. Italy returned and declared himself his ally in the following World War, much to Germany's distress. Despite their differences, the two have a rather close relationship, much to the disapproval of Italy's older brother South Italy, who hates Germany. Germany has a great admiration for Italy's culture, language, food, and his home in general, and seems to go there most every summer on vacation. He enjoys it to the point that he's said that he wouldn't mind staying in Italy forever, if he could.

Even though Italy annoys him, he found that having someone who depended on and trusted him as Italy did was a fun experience. A comic strip on Valentine's Day was released, centered around Germany's misunderstanding of Italy's behavior--kissing him, telling him he loved him, and giving him red roses--and Germany's attempt to reciprocate what he believed were Italy's romantic feelings for him which ended in him proposing to Italy after following the instructions in a book entitled "Dating for Germans" for approximately six days. Though he was nervous before meeting with Italy when he intended to propose to him, he didn't feel bad at all and felt rather happy, instead. Italy, misunderstanding the entire situation, assuming he was angry. At the end of the presumably uncompleted strip, Germany appears to have a flashback of Chibitalia, hinting that he might be Italy's long-lost love Holy Roman Empire, though it isn't outright confirmed.

They are very often paired together as a canon couple under the name "GeIta" or "枢軸お花夫婦 (Suujiku Ohana Fuufu)".


The last member to join the Axis team, Japan had known Germany for some time (as depicted in the original strips.) Germany said he can never tell what Japan has in mind. He called him naïve but hardworking at one point, and acknowledged the fact that he reads the atmosphere and refrains from speaking. Germany seems to normally be impressed by Japan's culture and ways: such as being impressed by Japan's upgraded and miniaturized U-boat design (though most others would be, as well) and Italy revealing Germany's love for ninjas and ninja movies. Japan and Germany share similar opinions on Italy's behavior, though Japan is generally more patient with him.

They are a rather rare pairing in fanon, and can go by "Germany/Japan", though the pairing is pushed aside due to more popular pairings involving the two.


Prussia's distress at Germany refusing beer

Germany's older brother and drinking buddy, who often refers to Germany as "West". Prussia lives in Germany's house, as revealed by the April Fool's Prussia's Blog. Because of Prussia's attitude and tendency to buy strange things, as well as his referring to their tie as an unsavory one, they seem to be annoyed by each another. Despite this, Germany, like several others, was relieved to see that his brother was okay when he woke up after eating England's food. Germany also seems to believe most anything that Prussia says that he cannot disprove, or at least about his past, as evident in the 2011 Christmas event where he was surprised that his brother was not as cool of a child as he had claimed, and intended to ask him for an explanation.

Their incestuous pairing has a rather large following and is often known as "Germancest" or "芋兄弟 (Imo Kyodai)", though it can sometimes be outshone by the increasingly popular and canon GerIta and PruAus/PruHun pairings.

AU (Alternate Universes) Versions

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Nyotalia (Fem!)

Fem Deutschland Chibi.png

The female version of Germany can look rather similar to her male counterpart with is hair down when in a chibi form, however, their designs are still very different. Her name is normally known to fans as Louise or Monica/Monika, Louise being purely of of fandom origination and Himaruya saying how he liked the name Monika for her. Her outfit is normally a female version of Germany's military uniform, with a sort of hat on her head and headphones (fans speculate that these headphones may be sound-proofing). Aside from her slightly greener eyes, fem! Germany is generally the same coloured as the regular version. She's usuall portrayed as muscular, like her male counterpart (though less so than Germany) and her chest is also said to be rather big.

Her personality seems rather similar to Germany's, with all the expressions she's been drawn with so far being worried or exasperated and Himaruya noting that she's very serious. She's also often drawn with a dog, enforcing the idea that she's fond of animals (dogs particularly) like the normal Germany. She's also sometimes shown by fans to be a bit more shy, as well. The fans' headcanon that fem! Italy enjoys groping fem! Germany's breasts is often shown to make her flustered and uncomfortable in fan works.

Character songs

Maru Kaite Chikyuu (Germany)

Hatafutte Parade (Germany)

Mawaru Chikyuu Rondo (Germany)

Vorwärts Marsch

Ich Liebe


Germany's Anthem

Wa! Wa!! World Ondo (featured)

Gakuen Fiesta (featured)

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