Germany/America is an uncommon slash pairing involving the European character, Germany and North American character, America. The pairing is widely known as GerAme, taking the first three alphabets of their names. It also goes by Potato Burger (Germany's liking towards potato and America's liking towards burgers).

Relationships[edit | edit source]

In the series, Germany and America develop a simple yet complicated relationship. They're both on the opposite ends of World War II; with Germany being one of the main forces in the Axis while America in the Allies. Nowadays, they appear to be friends.

Fanon[edit | edit source]

Most settings used in fanworks are often post-canon World War II or the Cold War, fans usually depicted this pairing by the two being highly-tension with each other in the first place but gradually becoming warmer and more open. Often. fans use America's optimistic personality to bring out Germany's reclusive on

America patting Germany's shoulders in Paint It White!


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