Frontier Works, Inc. is a Japanese music and video production company, founded in August 2002. The company has been in charge with planning and production of OVAs, and various drama CDs, including the Hetalia: Axis Powers drama CD series.

Frontier Works is also responsible for the streaming site Animate.TV, which became the main source of broadcast for the Hetalia anime adaptation after the TV broadcast was canceled.
Frontier works



  • Comic Party Revolution
  • Fate/stay Night
  • Saint Beast
  • Saiyuki Reload
  • To Heart

Drama CDsEdit

  • AIR
  • ARIA
  • Idol Master
  • Kanon
  • Lucky Star
  • Negima: Magister Negi Magi
  • Peace Maker Tetsugoro
  • Saint Beast
  • Saiyuki

Anime SoundtracksEdit

  • Peace Maker Tetsugoro
  • Saint Beast
  • Saiyuki Reload

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