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France/Seychelles is an uncommon pairing involving the characters France and Seychelles. It is commonly referred as Ribbon Pair (リボン組) in the Japanese fandom, maybe because of Seychelles´s ribbons.

France and Seychelles[]

It is said that when France discovered a young Seychelles, he was immediately interested in her. Later on, in the Christmas Rampage 2007 strip, France attempted to strip Seychelles, causing her to be afraid of him. France tells Finland that his shenanigans were largely inspired by "his girl" (Seychelles) leaving him. Meanwhile, in Gakuen Hetalia, he spends nearly every second he's around her trying to grope her.

France and Seychelles in a suggestive position.

In a Christmas strip, a photo was shown with France naked and Seychelles in her undergarments in a questionable position.


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