France/Canada is a somewhat popular pairing involving the characters France and Canada. It is also called Franada or FraCan (from France and Canada or Canada).

Fan SpeculationsEdit

This pairing probably started because France once took care of a young Canada. It involves France's interest in Canada since he used to be his colony. Also, France was one of the few people who was able to recognize Canada from America, pointing out to England that Canada inherited his "silky French hair," although in a manga story he was included among the nations who realizes Canada was in the room too. In volume 5, Canada is disappointed his horror films aren't recognized as being from his home and France immediately appears at his side to explain how he "certainly understands the charms" of his films.

Fanworks for them typically focus on the long real-life history and cultural exchange between the two countries, with Canada still having a sizeable French-speaking population in modern times, with it also being it's second language, or on the concept of one of the most lecherous nation in the series being in love with an oft-forgotten nation who likely wouldn't believe that anyone would be interested in him, much less someone as promiscuous as France, for drama.


Published MangaEdit

  • The 6th Person (Track 2: Power Ranger Allied Forces Axis Powers Hetalia volume 1)
  • The Horror Movies of Every Nation [Canada] (Track 0: Hetalia of the Dead Axis Powers Hetalia volume 5)

Webcomic: Extra StoriesEdit

  • Fly, Canada-san, Fly!
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