Eyecatch is a particular scene that happens just before and after a commercial break. Eyecatches are normally present in just about every anime that airs on television, though they are not present in movies. Although there are no commercials during an episode on a DVD, eyecatches are still present.

Because Hetalia is not aired on television and instead aired through cellphones and the internet (as well as its 5 minute air time), eyecatches are often used to switch scenes. For example, in Episode 31: Academy Hetalia Christmas, when the Axis Powers are finished interviewing America and turning down his offer to try his cake, an eyecatch of America plays and switches to a new scene where the Axis Powers are interviewing Russia.

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During the first season, eyecatches of only the Axis Powers and the Allied Forces were present. In the second season, new eyecatches featuring the other characters were added and played during select episodes. A Hetalia eyecatch consists of the Hetalia logo and a character popping out from behind the logo, saying "Hetalia" in a high (but not too high) pitched version of that character's normal voice. It is the voice actor that plays their character in the eyecatch (For example, Noriaki Sugiyama voices UK in the eyecatch as he does in the series).

FUNimation's English-language release of Hetalia also keeps this theme, having dubbed the eyecatches.

  • Note: These images are not limited. The character can pop out anywhere from behind the Hetalia logo. These images are just examples of what can happen in an episode.

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