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Japan's Emotions

Italy comments to Japan that he has never seen Japan be happy or angry before. Japan adds that it is true and says that 'Japanese have a virtue and of being reserved and have the Bushido to follow. Italy interrupts and says that he really wants to see Japan smile. Japan turns and asks if he could do a peace sign instead of smiling.Italy said that's not what he meant. Italy then says he'll demonstrate for him. He says to 'Pretend to be flirting with a pretty girl, first say "Ciao!" while smiling. Then go to the prettiest and restaurant you know and talk to her by also using body language. Then when the mood gets really good, you grab her hand and stare longingly at her.' Italy then comments that he hasn't made it that far before. He then tells Japan to try it. Japan then interjects and doesn't know what Italy is requesting from him. Italy then shouts that Japan became angry.

Out of Pasta

Romano is shown holding an empty jar that says "Pasta" and screaming that they have run out of Pasta and he can't eat lunch. Italy jumps in, terrified too, and also says that the wheat price is high and the price of pasta is high too. Germany is shown saying that he can share his potatoes. Romano of course then interjects and says that he doesn't want the potatoes. Switzerland is shown as well saying that he can share his cheese. Romano also comments that 'that stuff stinks to high heaven! He then runs around and sreams that all he wants is pasta. Spain comes to the rescue and says that he will support Romano. Romano is happy and says and is glad to admitt that Spain is there. Spain then chants "Fusosososo~" while opening his arms toward Romano. He then says that it is a magical charm that will cheer people up. Each time he chants, the camera zooms out of Romano and Spain.

Japan and Switzerland

Japan watches Switzerland practising firing his guns. Italy shows up, scared. Switzerland tells him to not even think about crossing his Territory. Japan thinks that Switzerland's image is different from what he had imagined. It then shows a scene of a mountain. It shows Japan singing to someone "O Vreneli, my pretty one, pray tell me where's your home~?" The person turns out to be Switzerland he sings "My home is Switzerland, 'tis made of wood and stone~!" Then it shows that Japan and Switzerland are wearing traditional Swiss clothing. Sitzerland also appears to be wearing a dress. Switzerzland then sings "It's filled with oh so many beautiful lakes and springs~!" They then sing "Yo Ho Tralla la la"

It then cuts off back to the scene of Japan smacking himself and saying that he is an idiot. Switzerland asks what Japan was doing.

Ban of the Boats in the Venice Canal

Holy Roman Empire is shown to be watching a chibitalia in disguise. A man comes and asks if chibitalia could help him with something. chibitalia agrees and follows the man along with the Holy Roman Empire. They finally get to the scene. A boat is shown to be wedged in between to 2 walls of 2 buildings. It turns out to be the man's boat. chibitalia is shown to be angry about how someone could risk to put their boat in thta small a canal.