Episode 54


Episode # 54 (2)
Air Date April 2nd, 2010
Length (5:32 (original webcast))
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The second episode of Hetalia: World Series (and fifty-fourth episode of the entire Hetalia anime) was broadcast on April 2nd, 2010. It adapts part of Kitty Festival from the Extra Stories, as well as part of Greece and Japan's Loose Relations from volume 2 of the published manga.

Plot Summary

Holy Roman Empire and a "Cat"

Holy Roman Empire and Chibitalia celebrate the Cats' Festival by wearing cat ears and tails, though HRE is confused as to why Chibitalia meows at him. "She" explains that "she"'s a cat, and he realizes that they should act like cats for the festival. The two play around as "cats", but Chibitalia falls to the ground with HRE on top of "her". HRE then realizes the awkward situation that he's in, and becomes flustered.

In the last shot, Chibitalia can only wonder why HRE is now glaring at "her" from the other side of a cracked door.

Greece and Japan's Relationship

Japan introduces the viewers to Greece, who he has been getting along with recently. Greece shows Japan a site of historic ruins that he has dug up to nap in. Japan realizes that they must be the ruins of Greece's mother's civilization, and wonders if it's okay for them to sleep there. But Greece has already fallen asleep, with his cat clinging to the front of his shirt. Japan thinks to himself how Greece is a very mysterious person.

He Definitely Likes Cats

Japan explains that Greece loves cats, as the two are shown sitting down on a hill with a bunch of Greece's cats. Japan asks Greece what their names are, but the only answer Greece can come up with for one is"Corporal Cat", much to Japan's confusion.

Greece then lets Japan know that he can speak a bit of Japanese. Japan asks to hear him speak it, and the two carry on a conversation:

  • "Are you Nekojiro-san?" "Yes, that's right."
  • "Who does Nekojiro get along with?" "His friend, Nekokichi-san."

Greece then asks if he's Nekokichi-san, but Japan only answers with a confused "no comment".

BC Was Incredible

Greece takes Japan to visit the temple of Zeus. Japan states that he's heard of this god, and that his wife was very "scary". Greece answers that Zeus had a lot of lovers, which caused his wife Hera to be extremely jealous due to her inferiority complex. Japan remarks that the Greek gods seem to be more human, while Greece adds that he likes those kinds of gods. He then warns Japan that it gets "bloody" from there, while a disturbed Japan replies that doesn't have to tell him about that part.

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  • The original mobile webcast ran an extra 32 seconds due to another ad for China's character CD, as well as the special single Run Run Renaissance.
  • While Greece generally wears a white shirt in the manga, his shirt is once again colored teal in this anime appearance.
  • The first segment is adapted from the Extra Story Kitty Festival, though the first part with Austria and Hungary was skipped for this episode.
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