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*[[Alfred F.Jones|America]] (as a child)
*[[Alfred F.Jones|America]] (as a child)
*[[Arthur Kirkland|England/UK]]
*[[Arthur Kirkland|England/UK]]
*[[Francis Bonnefoy|France]]
*[[Vash Zwingli|Switzerland]]
*[[Vash Zwingli|Switzerland]]

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Episode 25


Episode # Episode 25
Air Date July 10, 2009
Length (5:00)
Prev Episode Episode 24
Next Episode Episode 26

The twenty-fifth episode of Axis Powers Hetalia was broadcast on July 10th, 2009. It continues to adapt the webcomic version of Liechtenstein's Journal Of Swiss Dopiness, as well as the Extra Story entitled America And England.

Plot Summary

America And England

England, walking down a dirt path through the woods, flashes back to when France mocked him for having no friends. He remarks that being in Europe makes him feel nuts. The young America (with a large dog at his side) spots and greets him, thrilled that he has come back to visit.

England asks if he's alright, and apologizes for having been busy. America replies that he's there and that's all that counts. A smiling England states that being with America makes him happy.

America sits down to eat lunch with England, remarking that it's been a long time since he's had his cooking. England expresses that it would be nice if he could cook for him all the time, but he gets cut off by the young America asking him if the strange food (fish and chips with peas, with purple miasma emanating off of it) is what he would call "delicious". A flustered England answers that of course it's "delicious", though a caption reading "tasteless" appears besides him.

America enjoys the "delicious" food, as a "tasteless" caption appears beside his own head...

Liechtenstein And Her Beloved Brother, Part 7

Liechtenstein approaches Switzerland in the hallway, asking that he accept a gift she made for him as a token of her feelings and in appreciation for everything he's done for her. She frantically runs off, as Switzerland thanks her for it.

Liechtenstein asks that he open the gift after he goes to his bedroom, and bids him goodnight.

Switzerland sits on his bed and reads out the "Thank you" note that Liechtenstein left on the package. In the note, Liechtenstein thanks him for buying her the hair ribbon and states that she spent several nights secretly making the gift for him, and for him to use it if it's suitable. Switzerland muses that he thought he told her she didn't have to do stuff for him, as he holds up a pair of pink pajamas.

Liechtenstein And Her Beloved Brother, Part 8

A younger Switzerland carries Austria on his back, annoyed at him for letting himself get beat up by Hungary again. He asks how Austria can even call himself a "knight", as he has to carry him home every time. Switzerland then asks how many times it's happened. Austria begins to reply "51", but Switzerland corrects him, saying that it's the 52nd time that he's been beat up.

Austria replies that it's weird, as he was born to fight but always winds up the same way, with Switzerland always there to pick him up. He laughs, but Switzerland doesn't find the situation to be very funny, stating that that's why he told Austria to train himself. He continues on, calling Austria an "idiot" and saying that he can go home himself the next time (and adds that he really IS an idiot). Austria only laughs, as the two walk home (and it is revealed that Austria was shot in the buttocks with an arrow).

The flashback sequence ends, as Switzerland wakes up and wonders why Austria hasn't been laughing recently.

Liechtenstein bids her brother good morning, but he quickly becomes nervous and awkward. Liechtenstein pleads for him not to be too hard on himself in the morning.

Switzerland and Austria are shown as children in another flashback, walking hand in hand as the narrator explains that they were once allies. But the two are quickly (and literally) split apart as the screen splits down the middle, as the narrator explains that Austria's boss began to treat Switzerland as his own property. Switzerland and Austria drift apart with their respective halves of the screen, the narrator stating that the alliance the two shared was also broken.

Liechtenstein And Her Beloved Brother, Part 9

Switzerland and Liechtenstein sit on a bench by a lake. Switzerland remarks on how peaceful it is, Liechtenstein agreeing with him. But she notes that they've been spending less time together lately, and that she feels lonely. Switzerland says that it's true he's been away a lot, while Liechtenstein replies that she understands him being busy. She adds that she really likes him when he works hard, but asks that he not overwork himself as it seems like he'll collapse.

The two hold hands, though Switzerland is quickly reminded of the time that he and Austria did the same thing. In the final shot, Switzerland has shoved a bucket over his head and is punching himself, wondering why he thought of Austria. A worried Liechtenstein can only look on in confusion.

Character Appearances

Voice Cast


  • Though the adult America does not appear in the actual episode, Katsuyuki Konishi is credited for the role due to voicing in the "Hetalia" eyecatch.
  • The second flashback with Austria and Switzerland is an anime-original sequence, used to illustrate the footnote about their broken alliance.
  • The first segment in this episode was adapted from the first part of America And England, although France's cameo (after England and America meet up) was removed. The footnote about America and England growing to have no taste in food is also absent from this adaptation.
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