Episode 02
Episode # Episode 02
Air Date January 30, 2009
Length (5:00)
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The second episode of Hetalia: Axis Powers was broadcast on January 30, 2009, further adapting the "Prologue" and "Chibitalia" strips.

Plot SummaryEdit


The episode picks up where the post-credits scene cliffhanger left off, with Germany staring at the crate of tomatoes. Germany opens the crate, despite the "crate"'s protest, claiming inside was a tomato box fairy. A frightened and tearful Italy emerges, begging Germany not to kill him. Germany believes that Italy's dense attitude is all an act/trap, because Ancient Rome was a powerful warrior. However, when Italy falls and can't get up, Germany finds himself re-thinking that.


The Holy Roman Empire still wants Chibitalia to be one with him, and faces off against France, while Spain offers Chibitalia some churros. We learn that at one point, both halves of Italy lived in peace. However, both were very useless and wound up literally kicked around by the other nations (France, Austria, Spain, and Holy Roman Empire), who kept taking pieces of their land and culture for themselves.

Prologue (Part 2)Edit

Germany is successful in capturing Italy, only to find that the other man doesn't seem to mind being held prisoner. He attempts to let him go free, only for Italy to come back after flirting with a couple of girls.

Post-Credits TeaserEdit

A man rushes up to Germany and tells him he has the worst news possible: Italy has formed an alliance with Germany. Germany takes this with a look of dread.

A note reads "To be continued".

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Romano depicted off-model.

  • In a case of off-model animation, the younger Romano is depicted without a haircurl in both still flashback shots of the Italy brothers. His bangs and face are also drawn much differently, and he lacks sclera in his eyes. In the scene where they're being kicked, he has his curl, though it is on the left side of his head and lower like his brother's.
  • In the original webcomic version of Chapter 1, Italy hides in a crate of Italian oranges. It was changed to a crate of tomatoes in the published version of the manga, a change which carried over to this adaptation.