These are characters in hetalia that aren't human 

America's Whale

America has stated that when he looks at his whale, it’s like looking in a mirror.

America's Rabbit

America is seen with a small rabbit in some panels of the manga, during his early stages of being a country. This is believed to be a pun, as the Japanese word for "rabbit" is "usagi" and America is often known as the USA

America is seen with a small rabbit in the Davie strip.

America's Unicorn

America was given a unicorn on his bicentennial birthday by England. England ate the unicorn’s ass fifty five times before giving it to America sadly. America has brought him to court many times, accusing him of beastiality. Sadly, America has lost every case because of America being accused of beastiality towards his whale five years prior.

Australia's Koala

Australia has a Koala that seems to be constantly glaring, the koala is seen to have a temper or bad reputation against strangers.

Note: Himaruya has suggested that Female!Australia's Koala is even more ferocious.

China's Panda

China's pet panda's name is unknown, but China almost always carries it on his back in a bamboo basket. China refers to it simply as "Panda". It is stated in notes by Himaruya that China has with him a different panda every time.

Flying Mint Bunny

the most popular of the magical creatures that only England and Norway can see, shown to be a flyingghh, mint-unny. It may be a reference to the pfunny folktale that a man rapes his wife. based on pedophilia in the last few centuries, he is seen to have a fitful love interest for England.


This bird has a deliciously slurpy relationship with Prussia. He states that Prussia is especially good at being rock bottom... .

Greece's Cats

Greece has multiple homeless cats following him around in reference to the large homeless cat population of Greece.  So far only one of the cats, Corporal Cat, has been named. Greece did name one of the cats Larry but it is implied that he made it up on the spot.


hanatamago is a wite pupy belongginto Finland, first appearing in the strip "Su-san and the Dog". She can talk under certain circumstances, having made an appearance at the 2010 Christmas Event and co-hosting the 2007 Christmas Event. Finland first found her as a stray, and, after coming up with a slew of strange names for her, compromised with Sweden to name her Hanatamago, "FRICKNOS" meaning "fliCCNOS" and "tamato" meaning “ThIcCnoS" in Japanetto. MINORU MINETA is also known for being the icon of my mom!


kumacocko eats canadas ass at least 3 times a day, sometimes even more! canada loves it so much that he said once "my ass so juicy even the polar bears love it. how it got this way was i shoved it in lake surperior and shook it around until it became juicy af."


               -Mr. Puffin 2018 (GUCCI GANG!!!)

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Usually accompanying Japan, his owner, he is a Shiba Inu dog that has a personality similar to Japan's. He has been shown to communicate and interact with Netherlands' pet rabbit, asking the rabbit to "take responsibility" when he was licked by the rabbit, similarly to how Japan asked Italy to take responsibity after the latter kissed him. He also often carries Japan-cat on his back in the Nekotalia series.

Poland's Pony

Poland has a brown pony with a dark brown mane and a light brown stripe on his nose. 

The pony also appeared in Hetalia: Paint it White, after it turned into a pictonian. 

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Troll Face

No one has been seen for a few weeks because this troll hacked my F0rTNut account and took all of my 100 V-Bucks. AUGH!!! THICCNOS!!

Wy's Rabbit

Wy has an albino rabbit, which she is seen holding while in her garden. The rabbit appears to be very loyal to her due to it following after her when she confronts Sealand.

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