Wang Yao
Name: People's Republic Of China
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Alternative Spelling(s): N/A
Age: 4000
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 10
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 169 cm
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First Appearance (anime): Episode 01
Japanese VA: Yuki Kaida
English VA: N/A

Wang Yao is a main character in the series Axis Powers Hetalia. He is the representation of China (中国,Chugoku), and is part of the Allied Forces.


He has dark hair tied back into a ponytail, and is often shown wearing a deep green Chinese military uniform with a red armband. In other instances, he wears a red changshan and white pants. In earlier colored artwork, his WWII uniform was colored both gray and tan on different occasions.

He has a scar on his back, a reminder of when Kiku attacked him when they were younger, and a panda-shaped birthmark above his buttocks.

Personality And Interests

One of the oldest nations, he happens to be an extremely superstitious and religious type. He tries to act as an older brother to the other Asian nations, but fails to be treated as one. He tends to end his sentences with the suffix "-aru", though sometimes he ends then with "-ahen" (opium) when conversing with Arthur. He has a companion named "Shinatty-chan", an old man in a Hello Kitty knockoff costume.


Kiku Honda (Japan)

Main Article: Kiku Honda

After discovering the homeless child, Yao took him in and raised him as a younger brother, only for Kiku to betray and leave him one day to become his enemy.

Im Yong Soo (South Korea)

Main Article: Im Yong Soo

Yao is constantly annoyed by Yong Soo's claims that he invented others' work, and that both Yao and Kiku should call him their older brother. Yong Soo also happens to have an obsession with his brother, wanting Yao to acknowledge him and also having the belief that Yao's "breasts" belong to him.


  • Another common rendering of his name in fandom is Wong Yao. An early mistranslation of his name, that quickly fell out of use was Wong Hwei. According to an old blog post by Himaruya, his name can be rendered in Japanese as either Wang Yao or Wang Yue.
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