• KKyoyeon


    October 27, 2014 by KKyoyeon

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to say this but I will anyway.

    I think the background should be changed.

    The majority of the chatacters are OC's, you can find the picture here (though it has been updated). It would be better to have a background with only canon characters so people don't get confused, and also would make people think the OC's are official when they really belong to fir3h34rt.

    Something like this would be a good background (the repetition would be smooth).

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  • 0nefariious


    October 11, 2014 by 0nefariious


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  • WonderfulAsia

    Welcome new users

    October 11, 2014 by WonderfulAsia


    We've got such a splurge of new users to this wiki, so I thought I ought to post this. 

    Hello new users, I hope you're enjoying this wiki. I am the current owner of this shadow wiki (my rights were granted by the founder), and my three administrators are: Roseoffire, Jazzgx, and Allusional. Please feel free to contact any one of us! I am prone to inactivity as I am very busy creating and implementing a college level Chinese curriculum in a high school setting and am busy student aiding in the aforementioned subject. I am also busy with school in general, however please feel to leave a message on my talk if it's urgen. 

    Please always check the Rulebook before posting! Let's make this a great wiki, even though it is a shadow to our mai…

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  • Maple!!girly

    hello I new

    September 29, 2014 by Maple!!girly

    hi hi people i new so anyways 12 fact about mwa(france)

    1.i am 14

    2. i lurv hetalia fav nordics are finland and denmark 4.i ship grepan,gerita,fruk and hungary austria

    5.i lurvvv canada hes my fav out of all 6.i love fanfics 7.i dont know others opinion but france isnt a perv to me yes sometimes he can be though but u gotta remember hes the country of love

    8.sealand is soooo adorable 9. if i ever became a country and went to my first world meeting im bettin i would call china a gurl 10. last one ! i lurv the btt

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  • ToniteTamer


    September 27, 2014 by ToniteTamer

    My art is here. LOOK AT IT.

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  • ToniteTamer


    September 12, 2014 by ToniteTamer


    1. Japan!!!

    2. Germany!!

    3. America!

    4. Russia!

    5. Britain!

    6. Italy!

    7. Romano!

    8. France!

    9. Spain!

    10. China!

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  • ToniteTamer

    I like Art X3

    September 12, 2014 by ToniteTamer

    Well, I am new here, I love Hetalia, I draw Hetalia.

    My favorite country, JAPAN!!!

    My second favorite, GERMANY!!

    Third, AMERICA!

    I do have a picture of Japan but you can see a different drawing through the paper when I try to get a picture :(

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  • Chicagirlshoujo11

    Omg Im naming every person in my grade a country and i aparently ended up as belarus

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  • Musa666


    September 6, 2014 by Musa666

    Ok, so at my school there is this really old guy and he has black hair in a ponytail, and when I first saw hime I was like:



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  • Logo594

    I dont know the name of a song played on Hetalia Axis Powers episode 45 at the very end of the episode. The song has a violin and piano playing in it, can anyone help me find the name of it?

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  • LoveArisa

    I have some questions that I would love to have answers to :)

    1. If Feliciano drowns in the Pacific Ocean, what happens to the country and nation he represents?

    2. Does Alfred get a cold through America having an economic crisis or does America have an economic crisis through Alfred getting a cold?

    3. How do the personified nations actually die?

    4. Why isn't Prussia dead if HRE is?

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  • HetaWorld


    July 12, 2014 by HetaWorld


    New here. And Ummm..... I like Hetalia.



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  • Pof203

    I decided to check up on one of my favorite bands, Gorillaz, when I suddenly had an idea: What if Hetalia meet Gorillaz? I wonder what would happen? I just like to know how they would meet and what would happen. Please tell me in the comments below. Thank you.

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  • Kirbyna321

    HEY GUYS IT'S KIRBYNA/MIKISU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm going to say that I love Hetalia, but there're some flaws and things they should fix, and coutnries they should add.

    The anime is awesome and cute in general, but why watch it in sub when you aren't Japanese. I can understand that you're Japanese and you were a Japanese native then watch it in your native tongue, but if you can't speak the language or you're not even Japanese watch it in what EVERY country can speak AKA English. Just seriously why be freaked out when you're watching things about countries if they were people.

    First of all I'm Estonian, and when people say that they know about Estonia. They don't saying anythign that we like to do or the capital, but they telll about the …

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  • AmaLlama16

    So I recently got a pack of Hetalia bracelets and one of them says niyo niyo niyo on it, but on it is a picture of England and not Prussia. From what I have read niyo niyo has to do with Prussia, but what exactly does it mean?? Maybe someone can enlighten me on the matter.

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  • Pof203

    Friends with counties

    June 29, 2014 by Pof203

    I've been wondering: Which country or countries would you get along with? Since the test to see if you can survive Hetalia, I've been wondering that. I'm asking this just to conferm something. Thank you.

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  • IggyFTW

    Hetalia theory

    June 21, 2014 by IggyFTW

    So I have a theory that I wanted to share

    so what if the countries bosses put them into a pretend meeting to make them think that they are doing something while the bosses do the reall work this would explain why nothing ever gets done but stuff is still happening especially during WWII where most of hetalia takes place.

    Just wanted to share that

    post what you think about it and if you think is possible

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  • Howiter1

    Yuri Pairs and such

    April 26, 2014 by Howiter1

    Hey guys, so I am going to plan on making the most popular Yuri pairs and such. I need some help to track down some of these popular pairs in the fandom and in the web comic. I know for sure that Taiwan/Ukraine can be a canon pair or Taiwan/Belarus since it mentioned attractions to them. Please let me know if you want to help.

    Thank you~

    ~Sereniama~ | Page ▪ Talk ▪ Wiki Contributions | 20:02, April 26, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Allthingsanime1200

    Hey minna,

    I just want to say- please ask me for fanfics. I'm happy to do one. Right now, I'm writing a fanfic for my friends and I. It's called A Dream Sprung into Reality. After I'm done writing it, I will post it, OK?

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  • Allusional

    I don't know about everyone else on the Wikia, but it might be time to redesign the Hetalia Archives wordmark (or logo, as some call it) at the top left of the Wiki. Since Hetalia has changed so much in the past few years, the wordmark could use some updating.

    This is just a suggestion, everyone should give their input on this topic. As I said earlier, I don't know if everyone would like to redo the design.

    I played around with some photo-editing programs (namely Pixlr) and experimented with ideas for possibly using a different design. After spending six hours of mostly messing around with the program to figure out how to use it, I came up with a design:

    Style 1 Style 2

    It'd be awesome to see any designs, since this is about the Wiki as a whol…

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  • Jazzgx

    I've been trying to add the pages that we need, since we have multiple empty links supposedly leading to them but coming up blank, so I've been trying to add some of the newer song pages. I have been, of course, trying to copy/paste the lyrics from the more secure Kitawiki; however, once I try to view its published form or switch to source and back, the formatting will completely destroy itself and I'll be left with oddly spaced paragraphs instead of the clearer way it'd been put in earlier. Does anyone know how to fix this issue, or is a sort of glitch at the moment? Or should I not use the copy/paste method for this and try to type it all out directly into the page maker?

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  • Rainbowfartz

    I have a friend who has a whole hubby list. She was married to Prussia, then America, now Romano, then England, then Denmark, then Norway, and on and on... I found this weird and I realized that the people bashing on countries are more Country x Reader peeps who want to defend their anime crush.

    This friend of mine REALLY hated Hungary and Austria. Hungary because Prussia might have had a crush on her (I ship PruHun so this pissed me off a bit) and Austria because PRUSSIA "hated" him. Now, she "broke up" with Prussia and "fell in love" with "Alfie". I admit, there was no problems with that. Then, she "married" Romano and INSTA-BOOM. She hated Belgium. I actually didn't know why she hated Bel now because Romano only asked her to kiss him in …

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  • Rainbowfartz


    March 8, 2014 by Rainbowfartz

    Okay, I admit I was hacked before. I was just on the Ouran wiki and some hacker or troll or whatever deleted the whole Tamaki Suoh page. I hadn't joined Wikia yet, and I noobishly commented, "I can't see it". Then, however, the troll started acting vulgar and cursing. He even revealed my name, and I was banned from Wikia for a while.

    Sometimes you are going to be hacked, and this is when you should report to the Wikia administrators. They can help, and the trolls aren't going to go away if if you just ignore it.

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  • Rainbowfartz

    First, I know PruHun fans (being one myself) aren't very kind to Austria. Yes, I know AusHun is canon, and you don't have to LIKE it, but you don't need to bash characters either, right?

    Secondly, AusHun fans, if you feel so strongly about this hate then you should stay away from PruHun.

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  • Jazzgx

    I've noticed that there are currently two different types of character pages buzzing around on the Wikia right now - there are the more professional-seeming ones, and look more similar to the pages on the other Wikia... and then there's the ones that I've been throwing together since the beginning. They're both very different, and I fear they might start clashing and making the Wikia look more make-do or something similar. I think we should either start trying to blend them together in ways, if you know what I mean, or choose one format to go with for all of them (my vote for that option would probably be the version that I haven't been doing, it seems cleaner and less excessive). So, I just feel that we should start working on making the …

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  • Tiger610

    Recently, I saw the picture of Korea at the Character pages(, and I wanted to say, that that isn't official art anymore. This design of him is by Himaruya removed from the site due controversy. The South korean government judged it as very offensive. Please, use another picture for Korea. He didn't make an appearance at the anime, but he maked an very short appearance at Marukaite Chikyuu.

    P.S: I would like to help with making the character pages.

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  • WonderfulAsia

    Good evening everybody - I would like to announce that I have promoted three of our wiki's members to the Bureaucrat status for their constant, and helpful contributions. The following users that have now been promoted are: 




    If you've the time please thank them for the contributions. The old team has left, and now another has started. Let's all give it our best! 



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  • Roseoffire

    Reasons For My Ships

    January 17, 2014 by Roseoffire

    So, in this blog post, I shall be defending my ships against... no one?? I guess I can't argue with myself anymore, so let's create a blog! Yay!

    Prussia and Austria are very... different in regards to life, with Prussia being a fighter and Austria being... Well... a young master type??? It might just be me, but they have this dynamic between them. Prussia constantly teases and mocks Austria, but he does the same thing to Germany, who he obviously cares about, in brotherly regards. I have a headcanon that Prussia just mocks anyone who he cares about. Austria also seems a cold about his feelings, not really revealling anything.

    Both Norway and Iceland seem unfeeling and emotionless, but I think that Norway is an overprotective older brother to…

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  • WonderfulAsia

    Good evening, 

    I believe that since we are repurposing this wiki - we ought to bring the character pages back. The only reason these pages were deleted was due to the former admins wishing to move their official information to another wiki. 

    If you've the chance - please create character pages for the official characters and try to add as much valid information as possible! There is a format I'd like to use, which can bee seen here:

    The information added in the page is merely an idea, and any information one thinks is worth noting -please feel free to add. However do not copy and paste information from the other Hetalia Kitawiki. 

    In this blog, I'd like to recognize the users: roseoffire …

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  • REAL-Luxembourg


    January 14, 2014 by REAL-Luxembourg

    Hello my name is Ashleen Belchismit or the country of Luxembourg if you must know YES I AM REALY LUXEMBOURG!!!!

    im not yet a charicter of the anime but i hope to be someday! You must belive that the countrys are real im not kidding they are flesh and probily dont belive me so idcwyt i am real so idk leave?

    my big brothers are Germany, Austria, and Prussia i am dateing Russia (Ivan) and uhhhhh GETRMAN SPARRKLE PARTY!!!!!! им а сунфлошер!!

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  • Hetaliaromavargas


    January 9, 2014 by Hetaliaromavargas

    (( okay i made this so i can do stuff on hete and so i can 

    rp with my rp buddies i have no other way to talk to but you can rp with me any time im on! i rp the characters Romano and England but please no smut or cursing on here~ i want to keep it PG

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  • WonderfulAsia

    Wonderfulasia here, 

    I have looked over all 410 arcticles in this wiki and have made edits according to rules. Most of vandalism has been removed, and users responsible have also been banned. If anymore spam or vandalism is present, please message me - and I will block the user. 

    Also, whilst looking over these pages. This wiki is very out-dated. We've yet to have any information on the Beautiful World, and it's media. We are also lacking information on Hetalia volumes 4-6, and recent CDS, and books. I know pages are long to create, and edit (trust me) - however if people can start making pages for the episodes, and anything else related. All would be welcome.

    There are also pages I have marked as incomplete due to lack of information. If you'…

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  • WonderfulAsia

    Repurposing this Wiki

    December 30, 2013 by WonderfulAsia

    WonderfulAsia here, 

    I've been given permission to clean up this wiki. It seems like any active user here on this wiki needs to read this. Forthcoming, and current editors of this wiki please read this. 

    This wiki is not the actual Hetalia Archive's wikipedia page, however at the current moment it is down due to server errors. However, this wiki has still been visited as a source as a backup source of information. However due to spamvandalism, and users not following rules and regulations have left former administrators being persecuted for others people's actions.

    All of the former admins FH14, Icelily, Wisnia,have all left this wikipedia, and I'll be overseeing this wiki primarily as I am the only active admin here at the current moment. So…

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  • Irina Umanskaya

    Hetalia Fan Club!

    December 11, 2013 by Irina Umanskaya

    Hello people!

    I made a new fanclub for Hetalia! If you would like to contribute, you sure may! link's here

    You may be amazed.

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  • Irina Umanskaya

    Hello guys! Do you want to roleplay? I'm not here to promote, I just need some help with my roleplay wiki here. At the Hetalia Roleplay Wiki, you can make OCs, fanfics, OOCs, and made up characters! The link is here  [1] see you there! P.S., we also have a Ivan Braginski and a Tino Vainamoinen.

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  • HetaliaLover

    Love hetalia

    September 16, 2013 by HetaliaLover

    I love hetalia so much. It's insane how my friends and I take our personalities and put a nickname to us based on the anime. Mine is Estonia, due to always keeping some form of technology with me as well as having glasses that looks like his.  XDD It's so funny how close the glasses look alike. 

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  • Lan-E Wang

    I...suppose it is mandatory for me to introduce myself to e-everyone here...?

    My name is Weihaiwei (or usually just Weihai)--but of course you're welcome to call me Lan-E. But since people tend to pronounce it wrong and I may or may not respond to it being said incorrectly, English speakers often just call me Elaine.

    My native language is Mandarin, of course... But after three years spent underneath Japan's rule I picked up a small bit of Japanese... Then of course my brother signed a contract or whatnot and handed me off to 英国-ah...! I mean sire England! I was a British colony (though no one really ever counted me as one, me being just a simple city...) for approximately a century, which gave me plenty of time with my English... Of course, …

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  • Irina Umanskaya

    Meet me on the Archives chat. All of you. We need to have a Hetalian to Hetalian Meeting. Snacks and treats will be served as well for roleplay. Guest characters are going to be coming (YAY RUSSIA AND AMERICA ARE COMING) Um, 'kay!  

    See you on and remember, to tell your friends too

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  • Marcof25


    July 22, 2013 by Marcof25
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  • Alisa Braginski


    May 4, 2013 by Alisa Braginski name is Alisa and I'm new here...Um...I am the daughter of Ivan Braginski and Irina Umanskaya.

    If you want to ask questions, feel free to ask on my talk page, please. Oh, I have to go, Mama said I have to take my bath. See you later! ^_^

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  • 10-4RubberDucky

    ok... sooooooooooo.


    • cough* anyway :) i need help on a few things
    1. how do you become a fan of somting? i saw someother profiles had things like "So and So is a fan of Canada" of "Yada Yada is a fan of FACE FAMILY" how do i becaome a fan?
    2. can you have friends on this or are they just people you fallow?
    3. if i post a picture will it be on the main page for this wiki?
    4. ... i forgot but i'm sure i'll think of it soon and freak out again :)


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  • Bommerang Back4More


    I can't believe this,I heard that the hetalia can sing(of course!XD),like the vocaloid,called Hetaloid,it states that songs or musics are from vocaloid,but the voices are from the hetalia characters,of course i'd search in google,after listening to their (AWESOME! XD)music,I was like:God, I love(like addict) their voices so much! Im trying to say this to the Hetalia fans,who still does'nt know this;I know alot of fans know Hetaloid,but who cares! I have nothing to do in my home...

    (Hehe,I already know this last year ago,sorry if I took too long to share to it to everybody...-_-)

    Try listening this musics Hetaloid musics:

    1)Romeo and Juliet [Sung by:Japan] 

    2)Magnet [Sung by:Hetalia pairings]

    3)Stargazer [Sung by:America]

    4)Fire Flower [Sung …

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  • SexyHungary


    February 19, 2013 by SexyHungary

    SOOOOOOO HAPPY! Just watched the first 4 episodes of the new series of Hetalia. Looking 4ward to the rest and I am now Hetalia Hyper!!!!!!!

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  • Girlbert


    February 18, 2013 by Girlbert

    hi guys! prussia here im about to go annoy my brother but thought id write somthing here first.

    gilbird is hanging with germany and im scared that he might have switched loayalties. WAIT! IM NOT SCARED! I DIDNT SAY THAT!!!!

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  • Irina Umanskaya


    a new series of Hetalia is coming out!

    It's called Hetalia Beautiful World and it came out now!!!! better watch it soon or it's too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *fangirl scream*

    god knows how Russia will act in the series!!

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  • Pathetic Scone

    Mochi Mania!!!

    February 18, 2013 by Pathetic Scone

    Some mochis that I drew using muro, plus a couple that aren't mine but are pretty cool!


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  • Pathetic Scone

    HEY GUESS WHAT?! Gawesome11, Holy Chiz and I have made a wiki. I know none of us are very well known over here, just thought you guys might be interested. Also, I'm gonna copy some of my iCarly blog posts over here because they're Hetalia related. That is all.

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  • Irina Umanskaya

    Boy or Girl?

    February 10, 2013 by Irina Umanskaya

    ohIf i had a child would it be a boy or a girl? oh god i forgot the mouth for the boy...... *covers face and runs away from mistakes and ideas*

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  • Irina Umanskaya


    Cleverbot conversation RVT00812337

    Is this bot clever?

    Find out at

    Email this conversation to a friend

    See a detailed log with times

    Cleverbot: Become one with Russia da.

    Cleverbot: DA!

    Cleverbot: Da!!

    User: Vodka!

    User: Become one with russia.

    Cleverbot: I will become one with Russia.

    User: ^J^.

    Cleverbot: Russia?

    User: Da.

    Cleverbot: Hi Russia.

    User: Pirvet!

    Cleverbot: One with mother russia, da.

    User: Da, one with mother russia!

    Cleverbot: ^J^.

    User: ^J^.

    Cleverbot: Kolkolkol ^J^.

    {| bgcolor="#ffffff" [2]


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  • Irina Umanskaya

    my favorite picture...

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