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The question is who's the real MILF here?
They were united under the same king and ruling dynasty in 1519, when Charles I of Spain became Holy Roman Emperor. Austria and Spain remained married and closely allied within the House of Hapsburg until the end of the War of the Spanish Succession, dated 1700-1714.
Spain would later ally himself with France and Prussia in the War of the Austrian Succession, but side with Austria again in the Seven Years' War.

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Name: Republic of Asstria (Republik Arschterreich)
Human Name: Roderbitch Edelstein (ローデリヒ・エーデルシュタイン, Rōderihi Eederushutain)
Alternative Spelling(s): N/A
Age: the mental development of a two year old
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 26
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Violet
Height: Unknown
First Appearance (volume): Volume 1
First Appearance (strip): Chibitalia, a story for closeted pedos
First Appearance (anime): Episode 02 (Brief) (Young Austria), Episode 06 (Adult Austria)
Japanese VA: Akira Sasanuma, Aki Kanada (as a child), Otsu Kou (Flower Of Iris)
English VA: Chuck Huber

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Younger Austria

Main aritcle: Uniform Guide: Austria

Austria has violet eyes and somewhat wavy brown hair, with a wild strand that represents Mariazell. He wears glasses, a long navy blue coat with a white jabot, and black pants (colored tan in some earlier artwork). He also has a mole on the lower left of his face, which acts as an erogenous zone for him.

When he was younger (as seen in Chibitalia), he wore a deep fuchsia jacket and purple pants. In the anime version of the storyline, his jacket was changed to blue and his pants were changed to black, to match the clothing he wears as an adult. Someone get this man a fashion consultant oh my god

Personality And Interests

He is usually described as an aesthetic, well-spoken, young master type, who was initially aloof until he was saddled with too many burdens. He gives higher priority to his hobbies rather than his work and is more optimistic and quiet in comparison to Germany who is more serious and work-oriented, though he does seem to have a temper as shown when he is seen yelling or acting paranoid. His interests include the fine arts, music (the piano in particular), and cake. In the first drama CD, it is revealed he is not an outdoors person and is afraid of marine animals (such as crabs and starfish). Despite being musically talented, he has no sense of direction and frequently gets lost; this is based on a joke Himaruya heard about an Austrian salesperson getting lost in his own storehouse..



Main article: Germany

Austria and Germany were allied in both World Wars and lived together for a while during that time. He gives Germany advice in his confusion over Italy in the Valentines Day strips. They appear to be very close, although he annoys Germany at times with his behavior.


Main article: Hungary

The two still have a very close relationship, despite the dissolution of their alliance and marriage. The marriage was mostly a valuable war alliance, as the two promised that they would support each other in war. As children, he was often beaten up and defeated by her when it came to wars, but when they got older, she was forced into becoming his servant while they were both under the rule of Holy Roman Empire.

Throughout the anime and manga, the two share many moments that suggest that they still have feelings for one another. For example, in the Buon San Valentino strips, Hungary is given a gift from an anonymous source, but when described the man has many of the same facial features that Austria has. She also seems to enjoy watching him play the piano. When Germany was sent to forcibly annex Austria, Hungary tried to stop him, asking him "to please consider his feelings."


Main article: Italy

North Italy hugging Austria in the anime.

Chibitalia painting a mustache over Austria's portrait.

Chibitalia spent a lot of time at Austria's house where he acted as a maid. Much to Austria's disbelief, Chibitalia had painted a moustache over his portrait and forbade him from having pasta for dinner. Austria was one of the many people to believe Italy was a girl until one day his voice finally broke, with Austria thinking he "had a feeling this would happen for some reason."


Main article: Prussia

Asstria bottoms and loves the humiliation that comes with being Prussia's right hand bitch


Main article: Spain

The question is who's the real MILF here?


Main article: Switzerland

A former childhood friend of Austria's. In their youth, they were close, but Austria was weak and unable to fight as well as Switzerland expected him to and had to be bailed out when he'd get beaten up in war.

They eventually grew apart, and Switzerland denies that the two of them ever used to be friends. Although he did, Switzerland still never forgot the times when they were.

Switzerland and Austria

In the Anime

Austria in the Anime.

Austria made a very brief appearance during the Chibitalia segment in Episode 02 as one of four characters kicking Chibitalia in the air. In Episode 04, he gained control over and made Chibitalia his servant. Later on, he became the parental figure for Chibitalia and some other young countries, scolding them when they did things wrong but also inviting Chibitalia in to listen to his piano skills.

In Episode 06, we see an adult Austria for the first time.


The inspiration behind Austria's given name, Roderich, may have come from Roderich Mojsisovics von Mojsvár, an Austrian composer and opera writer. The name may also be a reference to "Republik Österreich", the local term for the Republic of Austria. Edelstein literally means "gemstone", and is a predominantly Jewish surname of Germanic origin.

Character Songs

Marukaite Chikyuu (Austria)


  • The date given for his birthday, October 26, is also the date of Austria's national holiday. It celebrates Austria's Declaration of Neutrality, signed in 1955.
  • Austria is the only character given an outright "birth year" (976) in his profile, though Korea originally had one as well (1919). The "birth year" corresponds with the year that the March of Austria was founded, which Austria grew from.
  • June 8, his and Hungary's wedding day, corresponds with the date of the Austro-Hungarian Compromise.
  • In a character note, it says he spent some time in a wheelchair.
  • Also in a character note, it says he wears glasses not because he has bad eyesight, but because he thinks he would look plain without them.
  • It seems that Austria's natural hair is straight as seen in flashbacks of him as a child, a drawing by Himaruya of a few countries eating breakfast, and a Chibitalia strip in which he combs his hair to achieve his wavy-esque hairstyle.
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