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Australia/New Zealand is an uncommon between the Oceania characters, Australia and New Zealand. The pairing otherwise goes by the name AusZea or OzNz. OzNz comes from the word Aus called as 'Oz' combine with the two capital letters in New Zealand. NewStralia comes from an American author that thinks that New Zealand should be in Australia.


England has appointed New Zealand to take care of Australia since he is very responsible and could keep an eye on him. Australia has a high-strung and impulsive attitude, making New Zealand to sometimes become irritated with his actions and for once, asking for England's permission to hit him. The intention is that he doesn't want the nation to behave strangely and reflecting on himself. He encourages Australia, hoping that he won't make England worry about them.

It is also proven that he is very competitive with Australia when it comes to sports and hates losing to him. On occasions, he'll call the latter Oz or have petty quarrels with him. Australia also calls him Kiwi.


Australia is wild, impulsive and meanwhile New Zealand has a carefree personality and can be too big-hearted. When these two clash, they'll reflect on each other and become very close. Most manga appearances involving one of them usually also has the other one.

Historic Sources[]

Australia-New Zealand Relations

Fans Speculations[]

When it comes to fanworks, some fans rather use the ongoing universe where they both are countries. This is due to the fact that if they are portrayed in a different universe, they both need to bear family names and some people use Kirkland since both of them were former British colonies, even though they are not related and don't view each other as brothers.


Webcomic World☆Stars[]

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