Ancient Egypt
Name: Ancient Egypt
Human Name: N/A
Alternative Spelling(s): N/A
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Birthday: Unknown
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: Unknown
First Appearance (volume): Volume 1 (Cameo) Volume 2 (Formal Debut)
First Appearance (strip): Jump SQ. Official Tour Edition
First Appearance (anime): N/A
Japanese VA: N/A
English VA: N/A

Ancient Egypt (古代エジプト Kodai Ejiputo) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers.



80pxA 'chibi' version of Ancient Egypt from the March 2015 issue of Jump SQ.

Ancient Egypt has light brown skin with hazy blue eyes and straight, shoulder-length brown hair. A golden headband holds her hair, she wears a flowy light blue dress that is often adorned with jewelry. Her golden jewelry consists of a belt, small round earrings, several bracelets or bangles, and a large necklace.

Personality And InterestsEdit

In her Jump SQ 2015 March Issue Spin-off Chapter Bio, Ancient Egypt is described to usually appear as a mysterious figure from afar due to her using a whip with constant following of sorceries and magics. It's the opposite since in reality, she's very likeable and pretty lenient. She worries about others assuming that she's a strict and scary country because of the Stone Slate Crusher. Most of her traits are passed down to her son Egypt along with many of her historical remains.

Ancient Rome said to have fallen in love with her at first sight, though she's speculated not to have returned his interest.

Her appearance and traits are in fault due to the Hyksos kings. Ancient Egypt worships on cats so she's visibly upset and not relieved when cats are shared with Ancient Rome and quickly spreads to others. Her pyramids and artifacts still attract archaeologists from all around the world.



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Egypt holds a special place for Ancient Egypt in his heart as she's his mother. He inherits most of her traits and possessions and he's shown to have his mother's mementos among other things. There are no direct appearances with both of them except in a Bamboo Sketch Entry where Ancient Egypt is cradling a baby Egypt in her arms.

Ancient RomeEdit

Main article: Ancient Rome

In Ancient Rome's conversation with his bosses, he states Ancient Egypt as one of the cutest girls he ever meet. He is the first to know about Ancient Egypt's cats before spreading it to everyone else.

In The MangaEdit


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