America (ALfred F. Jones) close ups


Human Name

Alfred F. Jones

Nation's Name

Democratic Republic of United States of America


English (American)


July 4th

National Flower



177cm (5'10")

Eyes Color



short, blonde hair


Canada (unknown who is older)

Description of America from Wikipedia

America is an energetic and headstrong character. In the series, he is raised by England and later fights for his independence. America is very similar in appearance to Canada, who is often forgotten and was seen "invisible" by other nations. The self-proclaimed leader of the Allied Forces, his catchphrase is "I'm the hero!" His ideas for solving international problems are often absurd, but he is usually oblivious to the opinions of others. America's ideas and inventions are grand, but rarely go anywhere. His crippling fear of ghosts is at odds with his friendly acquaintance with a grey alien named Tony, who lives in his house. America is frequently seen clutching a hamburger, or eating while speaking. He is often portrayed as a rude fellow and one who has disregard for whom his actions affect or just what they might be. Dispite his faults, he cares about his friends and always helps others. He has a mixed colored blond and brown hair, has blue eyes, and wears glasses. In the anime series, he is voiced by Katsuyuki[1]Konishi in Japanese and Eric[2]Vale in English, both of whom also voice Canada. As a child, America is voiced by Ai[3]Iwamura in Japanese and Luci[4]Christian in English.

MyAnimeList's Description

 A young nation who was once called the “New World,” America is the self-proclaimed leader of the Allies. He has blue eyes and short blonde hair, which was changed to a light brownish-blonde color in the anime adaptation.
 During his early childhood, he was fought over by France, England, and Finland, a fight which England ended up winning. America was raised by England, and the two had a brotherly relationship, all which went bad after the American Revolution. In modern times, they get along, but are often found bickering with each other or teasing each other. Even though they appear to hate each other at times, they both really care for one another’s wellbeing, and England is really one of the only true friends that America has.
 Another good pal of America’s is Japan, who is also said to be one of America’s “true friends.” The two often play videogames and watch movies together, and collaborate to create new technology and cars. America seems to be fond of Japan’s culture, lifestyle, and home, going so far as to get excited after seeing the Tokyo Tower and an average neighborhood shrine. Japan is often puzzled by America’s “Western Culture” and was shown taking pictures of his “strangely colored” cakes before.
 America also has a friend named Tony, who is an alien from outer space. Even though he interacts with aliens, America can’t see fairies, spirits, or other mystical creatures like England can. It was shown, however, that he is able to see them on Halloween, but no other day in the year.
 It was confirmed that America and Canada are blood-brothers, though it was not stated who was older or whether they are twins or not (a common fan-speculation). Countries, such as Cuba, often mistake Canada for America due to their extremely similar appearance. On some occasions, America completely forgets about Canada’s existence, has no interest in him, and overshadows him, much to Canada’s chagrin. Canada usually becomes furious on the inside because of how he is treated by America, but even so, the two seem to get along with each other alright and have a normal sibling relationship.
 Most know him for his energetic, cheery, and somewhat hyper personality. He’s rather nosy, impulsive, and cannot “read the atmosphere” (though it was said that he can “asses the situation”), so some nations often get annoyed and disgusted with him. Maybe it’s because of this that Japan and England are his only real friends. His hobbies include archaeology, sports, sketching, games, making movies (especially scary ones), and eating fast food, such as hamburgers. Currently, he’s obsessed with heroes, justice, freedom, strange diets, and weight-loss machines. America is noted as being deathly afraid of horror movies (that he loves, even though they scare him), ghosts, and marmite, and he believes that one can travel to any country around the world by car. He seems to have super, inhuman strength, as proved by the following incidents; he was able to swing a buffalo around as a child, he once stopped a car with the heel of his foot, and he once dragged England’s heavy Rolls Royce around for one hour. It was because of England’s cooking (that had no taste whatsoever) that nowadays, America can eat strange colored and strange, inedible looking foods.
 The small ahoge that sticks up on the right side of his head (by his part) was confirmed to represent the island of Nantucket. His glasses were said to represent Texas. In the manga, his signature bomber jacket is shown having a “50” embroidered on the back, representing the fifty states (in the anime, the “50” was removed).
 Hidekaz Himaruya once mentioned that the “F.” in his name possibly stands for “Franklin,” “Foster,” or “Fuck.”

America's character CD cover

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