America/Seychelles is an uncommon pairing involving the characters America and Seychelles.

Gakuen Hetalia Portable[edit | edit source]

Event: United States of Ice-Cream[edit | edit source]

Seychelles is having a little walk during the holiday. She went to the park and met America, who was about to order a cup of ice-cream from a wagon. America suggested her to order one too. Seychelles was surprised with the size of the ice-cream cup that America has, in which was the normal size for him, since back in his hometown, everyone is used to large sized food.

America was in the park for the search of his friend Tony, the alien. He tried to describe Tony's physical structure to Seychelles, but she ended confused. America leaves the park thinking that Tony cannot be found there.

Event: Hamburger Manners[edit | edit source]

Seychelles was about to order a cake when America calls her with burgers stuffed in his mouth. Seychelles thought that it was a rude attitude to greet people with food stuffed in your mouth. She thinks it would be more polite for him to finish his food and then greet the person. America learns a valuable lesson, but unfortunately, the Hamburglar stole America's second burger while all this was going on.

Moments[edit | edit source]

Gakuen Hetalia Portable[edit | edit source]

  • Event: United States of Ice-Cream
  • Event: Hamburger Manners
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