America (center) and Canada (right), with Kumajirou looking on (left), in Episode 53 (or, Episode 1 of Season 3).

America/Canada is a popular slash incest pairing involving the characters of America and Canada, the "North American Brothers", and often contains lots of fluff and humor.

The pairing is sometimes called AmeCan, taken from the first few letters of their nation names (America and Canada).

The First Meeting

The first meeting of the brothers first appeared in the original webcomic when England decided it was time for the two to meet. When the two finally did meet, America decided he got bored of Canada and left.

Modern Times

After getting beat by Cuba again, Canada decided to go tell America off. When he finally confronts him, however, he finds America holding a chainsaw. Not wanting to anger him, Canada mumbles through his rant and starts talking about things like the weather. America suddenly turns towards him with the chainsaw running, and Canada stutters something about being best friends. America tries to explain that he couldn't hear him over the chainsaw, but Canada cuts him off with his "best buddy" rant.

Fan Speculations

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Published Manga

  • Magnificent Canada's Traveler's Journal (Axis Powers Hetalia volume 1)
  • I'll be the King of Adventure too, one day (Axis Powers Hetalia volume 1)
  • Fly, Canada-san, Fly! (Axis Powers Hetalia volume 2)

Webcomic: Extra Stories

  • Fly, Canada-san, Fly!

Webcomic: Comic Diaries

  • Comic Diary 11
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