Absolutely Invincible British Gentleman
Hetalia England CD.png
Artist: Noriaki Sugiyama
Lyrics: Ikuko Ebata
Composer: Toshimichi Isoe
Arrangement: Toshimichi Isoe
No. of albums released on: 2

Absolutely Invincible British Gentleman (絶対不敗英国紳士 Zettai fuhai Jentoruman) is the first image song for the character England in Hetalia: Axis Powers. It is sung by Noriaki Sugiyama in the voice of England.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

七つの海は庭だかんな ロマンと略奪
インド 香港 別荘地経営
From the cradle to the grave!
信じてること あるぜ! 妖精…
七つの惑星(ほし)を読み解いて 明日を占え
カレー 中華 別荘のメシ
No pain, no gain!
Orders are orders!
信じてる そうさ! 超常現象!
いにしえの 魔物召還!
最終兵器 出でよ!
All's well that ends well! そうさ

Nanatsu no umi wa niwa dakan-na. Roman to ryakudatsu
Indo, HonKon, bessou chi keiei
(Fyu~.) Koucha umaina!
Shinshi teki ni i-ko-u-ze
Sumaato sa ga daiji
Yoyuu misete
From the cradle to the grave!
Shinjiteru koto aruze! Yousei,
Noroi, yuurei, mahou
Hiniku demo tashinami nagara
Waratte, waratte, susume!
Nanatsu no hoshi wo yomi toite
Asu wo uranae
Karee, chuuka, bessou no meshi
Miito pai, umaize!
Yabansa ni wa he-ki-e-ki
Manaa to dentou to
Wuitto mo iina
No pain, no gain!
Orders are orders!
Shinjiteru sousa! Choujyou genshou!
Bazubiizu cheaa, yogen...
Inishie no mamono shoukan!
Saishuu-heiki, ideyo!
"Soshoku wa shinshi no tashinami nandayo.
Monku ga aru nara katte ni supaisu tsukae!
Mazuitte iu na! Ano roosuto biifu datte igirisu ryouri dazo!
Afutannuun tee wa saikou!
Chinami ni ren-nyuu wo ireru no ga guntaishiki da!... Yo na?"
All's well that ends well! Sousa!
Kateba kangun
Make nante mitomenai!
Hiniku demo tashinami nagara
Waratte, waratte, susume--!

The seven seas are like my back yard, romance and plundering
I manage holiday houses in India and Hong-Kong
(Fuu~) Tea is delicious!
I'll keep going in a gentleman-like fashion!
Being smart is important!!
I'll show you my composure
From the cradle to the grave!
There are things I believe in!
Fairies, curses, ghosts, magic
My sarcasm is in good taste
Laugh, Laugh, go forward!
By reading the seven stars
I can predict the tomorrow
Curry, Chinese cuisine, my holiday houses meals
Meat pie is delicious!
I shrink away from uncivilized behavior
Both manners and tradition,
Wit is good as well
No pain, no gain!
Orders are orders!
I believe, that's right!
In phenomena, Busby's chair, predictions
Ancient ghost-summoning
My ultimate weapon, come forth!
"A simple diet is a gentleman's prudence
If problems arise, use some spices your way!"
"Don't say it tastes bad! That Roast Beef too is an English Cuisine!"
"Afternoon tea is the best!
By the way, putting in condensed milk is military style! ...Isn't that right?"
All's well that ends well! That's right!
A winning army will not recognize defeat!
My sarcasm is in good taste
Laugh, Laugh, go forward!

Album[edit | edit source]

This song was released on July 29, 2009, on the album Hetalia: Axis Powers Character CD Vol.4- UK, and it is the first track. Also on the album is Pub and GO!. This song is also the seventh track on the album Hetalia Character Song CD The BEST Vol. 1, which was released on July 5, 2017.

Video[edit | edit source]

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