Russia/Canada is a slash-pairing involving the characters of Russia and Canada.The pairing is also called RusCan, from their first 3 letters of their country names.

Russia sitting on Canada, Episode 38

Fan SpeculationsEdit

Fans mostly pair the two together because they are both snowy lands, both of them are mostly neglected by the other countries (Canada being invisible and Russia being considered terrifying) and they both love the sport of hockey. Some also ship them together, as they find that the two can both lightly dislike America, with Canada being passive-agressive about it and Russia clearly portraying his dislike. 

In real life, both countries compete with each other fiercely in ice hockey. And in 1972, the Summit Series, the Canadian men hockey team went against the Soviet Union team in a best out of eight game. In the last game, Canada won in overtime. In the Anime/Manga, Russia unknowingly sits on Canada, as he could not see Canada. Fans have taken this to being a regular habit for him, and, have used this instance for situations in which Canada may 'get back' at Russia and see how he likes being sat on.

Russia and Canada also have a bilateral relationship with each other, beginning when the Soviet Union had established diplomatic relations with Canada on June 12, 1942. Canada is officially represented in Russia by an Embassy in Moscow as well as an Honorary Consulate in Vladivostok. The Russian Federation maintains an Embassy in Ottawa, two consulate generals (in Toronto and Montreal), and an Honorary Consulate in Vancouver. Currently, the two nations have not been getting along well, due to Canada's Prime Minister's very insistent stand against the actions of Russia's President's actions in the response to the Ukranian incident.


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  • Fly, Canada-san, Fly!

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